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What does a caver do: sports extreme, scientific fanaticism or ineradicable romance


What does a speleologist do? Most often, this question is asked by teenagers, being at that stage of life when the question arises about choosing a future profession and further education. But often already established specialists also decide to change their occupation and study something new, unknown. Speleologist – sounds romantic, tempting and promising, evoking associations with research expeditions, discoveries and mysterious experiments in laboratories. What is really behind this word?

Speleology – the science of the origin of the planet

In order to fully understand what a caver actually studies, one must first understand what speleology is about. To say that this is just a science that studies caves is too small and superficial, although literally translated from Greek this word means “studying the cave". Speleology also affects geography, mineralogy, archaeology, history, hydrology and many other important disciplines.

At present, speleologists are needed not only to find minerals or indicate the direction of the flow of groundwater. Their knowledge and practical research are used in the creation of subway systems, underground pipelines, tunnels for various purposes. In fact, not a single large-scale construction project can do without a hint and assessment of a speleologist.

What does a caver do: sports extreme, scientific fanaticism or ineradicable romance

What is a speleologist – a profession or a romantic hobby?

Specialists working in this direction are not such a frequent occurrence in our time. In fact, many people do this simply as a sporting hobby, combining it with their main activity, which is not always scientific. But then in this case it is not meant speleology as such, but speleotourism.

Simply put, a speleologist may not have a diploma, but simply be interested in studying caves and expeditions dedicated to this (which still requires certain knowledge and preparation), because some caves rightfully claim to be the most beautiful places on the planet. While a professional speleologist is primarily engaged in the study of the mechanisms of cave formation, their evolution, influence on the formation of rocks, underwater rivers and lakes.

However, a caver is always a seasoned and courageous person, with good physical fitness and nerves of steel, able not to get confused and quickly make the right decision even in an extreme situation.

What does a caver do: sports extreme, scientific fanaticism or ineradicable romance

Where can you get an education

Since speleology is a branch of geology, you need to enter the university that can offer such faculties. There are not so many of them, speleology is most often studied as an auxiliary, additional discipline, and not the main one. And yet, to be called a real speleologist, you need to have an appropriate diploma.

In any case, the beauty of the underground caves fascinates and has conquered more than one, even the most severe heart. Speleologist is a profession worthy of real men. And even if you are not lucky to make a global discovery, artistic essays and scientific reports on the secrets of the underworld of our planet will be read and used by many.

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