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Who is a blogger today?


At this stage in the development of the Internet and social services and networks, blogging has become very popular and for many has turned from a simple desire to share information about their lives, various ideas and best practices into a way of earning money. Today, a blogger is very often an entrepreneur who blogs only for the purpose of making money. Indeed, many professional bloggers use blogging as their main source of income. Even a not very popular blog can bring a steady income to its owner.

Let’s see why this happens. The man creates his own blog. The blog can be on one of the blogging sites, such as LiveJournal or a standalone blog – it doesn’t matter now – the author begins to fill it with information. The type of information depends on what the topic of the blog is. If this is a personal blog, then the blogger writes about his life and events in it. If the blog is thematic (dedicated to a specific topic – SEO, computers, etc.), then it publishes notes related to the topic of the blog. Time passes, the blog becomes popular (if a person writes interestingly, this is an inevitable process). But there are problems (especially in standalone blogs) – you need to pay for hosting, a domain name, and possibly for advertising. And the blogger starts looking for ways to monetize the blog. And he finds them: guards, banners, SAPE, custom reviews.

It seems to many that once a blogger started making money on his blog, he “sold out". This is not true. Very few people will invest money (sometimes quite a lot) and get no return. After all, a blog with traffic, for example, of 3,000 people a day, is a big expense for hosting, except for the time spent communicating with users and writing notes. Many do not understand this and shout: “The “substitute name” blogger has sold out!”, “He only writes for money!”. This is not true. Everyone wants to be rewarded for their work. And if a person writes interestingly, fully reveals the topic, answers readers’ questions – what difference does it make whether he writes for money or not?

Blogging today is quite a popular phenomenon, partly a fashion trend. Many people create their own blog and simply broadcast posts from social networks there (although more often the opposite happens – posts from the blog are broadcast to social networks and services).

Your own blog is a good opportunity to tell friends and acquaintances about your life, to share advice on any issue.

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