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Why do you need the Internet?


During my carefree childhood, the Internet did not yet exist. And nothing, they lived somehow and did not complain! What changes have occurred in our lives with the advent of the World Wide Web?

Don’t say that, but nowadays every second person uses the Internet. And no wonder, because it has so many useful and interesting features!

You can see the sights, find out the train schedule, book a hotel room, view posters and plan your leisure time, pay for government services, read the latest news, find out the horoscope or name compatibility, see the weather for the near future and much more. And all this without leaving home! Watching TV, listening to the radio or reading a book can all be done online. Or you can even buy a wardrobe in the online store or order lunch to the office.

One of the important functions, in my opinion, is the search for information. Now you can find almost everything on the web! Useful tips about the house, interesting facts, books, films, music, essays, answers to questions of interest, electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries – the list is endless. All you need to find the information you need is to enter a query in a search engine.

The second, but no less important property: the ability to communicate. This can be done in various social networks, on forums, as well as with the help of programs installed on your computer (ICQ, Skype, etc.). You can chat or share information by leaving blog entries. Do you have distant relatives whom you have not seen for a long time? Video calling will allow you to see each other and chat, and for this you absolutely do not need to spend money and buy tickets.

In fact, the Internet has greatly influenced our lives. Thanks to him, many new opportunities have opened up for us. Personally, I have been using the Web for quite a long time, and, to be honest, I already have a bad idea how you can do without it. But, nevertheless, the sphere of Internet services does not stand still and continues to develop. What else can the Internet surprise us with?

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