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Can you find your phone by GPS?



Every person who is faced with the situation of losing their device asks the question: is it possible to find it using satellites? There is such a method, however, for implementation, you will need a computer with Internet access or a special application installed on your PC. 

To ensure the search for devices that operate on the Android, Windows or IOS platform, there are various developments that can be installed from official markets. The functionality of such developments is similar: in addition to searching for the device, they can also control sound signals and control the safety of the user’s personal data.  

Can you find your phone by GPS?

If a person has lost their Windows Phone, you should use a computer to find it. The functionality is implemented through a Microsoft account:

If your WindowsPhone is lost nearby, the app can make it make a loud noise.

How to find a lost phone by GPS from a PC?

You can find out where a smartphone is currently located from a PC if you install a special program on it in advance. Its function is determined by the transmission and capture of a satellite signal that determines the location. Most often, Google maps are the basis for development. It is worth considering that it will be possible to find out the location only if the GPS system is activated, the device is “on the network" with a SIM card inserted. 

Can you find your phone by GPS?

In order to be able to detect a device operating on the Android platform in case of loss, you must follow the instructions:

If the device was lost, you need to open the Android manager on the computer, open the account of interest. The program will indicate the last active location on the map. 

This video will show you how to find your lost phone.

How to find a phone by GPS: iPhone

iPhones occupy the first position in the theft ratings, so many users of such gadgets want to protect them by activating tracking functions. The discovery is organized using the iCloud system, which, based on the Apple id, allows you to determine the location. 

Can you find your phone by GPS?

Additional functionality of these systems

In addition to the search function with the participation of the satellite, the development allows you to find the device in another way. For example, if the device is lost in a nearby area, it may emit a special sound signal, activated at maximum volume. 

In addition to the search functions, the system gives the user the ability to control the safety of personal information. The interface can be locked using a remote lock containing a personal information protection code, while there is a possibility of leaving certain text that will be displayed on the gadget screen. The program also allows you to completely delete all data. However, this process is irreversible and cannot be subsequently reversed.

Can you find your phone by GPS?

GPS: find phone by phone number

Many users who saw the possibility of tracking a person by phone number in a movie are wondering: with which application can this function be activated, how to access extensions? It is worth considering that tracking the device by number is possible only upon request sent to the police. There are no other options for obtaining any information about the location of the device by number. 

However, mobile operators make it possible to track the location of a device belonging to a child. The systems that are used by different operators have different names, but one principle of operation: using the satellite signal and displaying on Google Maps. You can track where the child is using "Mom knows". To activate the search function, on the baby’s device, you need to install "Mom knows: GPS beacon", and on the parent’s device – "Mom knows". Such a complex can be installed on any platform. Then an account is created, the parent profile specifies the number to be tracked. After the procedure, the gadgets will be able to exchange information only if the Internet connection is activated and a satellite signal is received. Such a development, in addition to displaying the time and location in which the child was, also shows the battery level. Such a service is very convenient due to the provision of accurate detection of data that evaluates the area in which the baby is located.

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