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Depreciation of intellectual labor


Any text is a unique, creative material that carries information to its reader and takes part in the formation of public consciousness. The quality of the intellectual work product determines its value and impact on its target audience. In order to achieve high quality articles and copywriting texts, it is necessary to motivate the author to make an effort, spend enough personal time and process related information, through decent pay.

Otherwise, at low prices, the author is interested in the quantity, not the quality of articles, which creates an excess of unique information that reduces its quality and value.

Think about it, with the cost of an article from 20 to 70 rubles, it’s more profitable to get a job as a janitor, and the work is easier, and they pay more … provided that you have a high rating and your articles go at a rate of seventy rubles, and your productivity allows you to write two articles each per day, your average monthly earnings will be 4000-4500.

Depreciation of intellectual labor

Under modern conditions of life, these funds will not even be enough to find a place to live, not to mention food, and other pleasures of life that require investment. Even if you have a job and writing articles is your hobby, transferring the rights to your intellectual property for next to nothing makes no sense. It only remains to ask the question: when will we learn to appreciate ourselves and stop wasting our precious time for the profit of strangers to us?

You need to do something with pleasure, putting your mind and soul into the matter. And for this, it is necessary to have favorable conditions for existence so that the text reflects our views and ideas, instead of the desire to earn an extra penny.

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