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Does a parallel world exist? Scientific evidence


Half a century ago, a well-known physicist from the USA, speaking at a conference, having heard the question whether there is a parallel world at all, or is it a myth, said that he could prove its presence. Many scientists tried to explain to Hugh Everett that he was wrong, that he was not all right with his head.

The young physicist decided to talk about his discovery to Professor Nilsson Borr, but did not receive support. But the FBI representatives advised to turn with evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Pentagon.

Does a parallel world exist? Scientific evidence

Theories about parallel worlds

The discovery of mathematicians from Oxford aroused interest and a lot of controversy among scientists. Some asked the question, where are the parallel worlds, who saw a similar phenomenon. Others have said that this theory is reminiscent of an American science fiction film. Still others claimed that this was a real breakthrough.

The Oxford researchers realized that Hugh Everett was right. According to their scientific proof of parallel worlds, people do not live in only one universe, since there are many of them. When it is split, versions appear that have a single intersection point. Scientists have confirmed the veracity of the hypothesis that Everett presented in 1957. Based on the theory of parallel worlds put forward by an American physicist, any event ends:

  • the split of the universe;
  • making copies;
  • appearance of clones.

The young scientist managed to fill in the gaps that existed in mechanics, figured out the reasons for the behavior of light quanta. He owns the theory of multiple universes.

Watch the video about whether there are parallel universes.

Unexplained facts

The fact that parallel worlds exist, that they have an entrance, was believed in antiquity, however, they could not prove why this happens in those days.

Mysterious disappearances continue to this day. In the late 90s in England, four children disappeared from the "Laughing Room", whom the police were looking for, but none of the kids were found as if they had fallen through the ground. A few years later, two of them did not leave the same institution. All the guys knew each other, but disappeared on the same day. The most incredible case is called the history of the Norfolk Regiment – all the soldiers disappeared and were never found.

The evidence of a parallel world can serve not only scientific hypotheses, but also the stories of eyewitnesses. In the thirties of the last century, a Canadian hunter, returning to the village that welcomed him less than a month ago, saw that it was empty. All the utensils remained in place, the pots were filled with stew, but not a single inhabitant of the three thousand settlements was found.

Hypotheses about parallel worlds are put forward by scientists from different countries. The philosopher Arshinov believes that the number of their models can reach almost three hundred, although he claims that this figure is exactly 267. It is almost impossible to understand why mysterious events occur. Very few devote themselves to the study of mysterious disappearances.

Does a parallel world exist? Scientific evidence

Scientists are often asked what parallel worlds are, where they are located, how to find the door to at least one of these universes. Cases of disappearance rarely had a favorable outcome. Those few lucky ones who returned did not remember anything. The theory, which has become very popular in our time, began to be addressed only when they could not explain why this or that phenomenon happened.

Way of communication

Supporters of hypotheses about the presence of parallel worlds in the Universe believe that their influence is quite likely. This can happen in a dream. It is in this state that the speed of information transfer increases significantly. A person sees those objects that are unknown to him, subconsciously travels where he has never been, but when he wakes up, he does not remember anything. Each world has its own speed, which is why events take place, no one has yet taken to decipher their nature.

This interesting case can serve as proof of the theory of parallel worlds. At the beginning of the last century, two English teachers went to Paris for Easter, where they had never been before. Women got lost in the Palace of Versailles. Men dressed in strange costumes were moving towards them.

When asked where to go, they just waved their hand. Further, the teachers saw a girl in an old-fashioned robe. Hearing an incomprehensible dialect, the women realized that something was not right here. At the exit, a strange lady was sitting. It was obvious that she was not a commoner.

After reading the history of Versailles more than once, the travelers realized that they had been at the end of the 18th century and had seen Marie Antoinette herself.

Facts about the existence of parallel worlds

Skeptics believe that the belief that there are other copies of the universe somewhere is just an anomalous imagination. Proponents of this theory provide evidence that they exist:

Does a parallel world exist? Scientific evidence

Centuries ago, before science fiction books were written, philosophers from ancient Greece tried to figure out how many universes there could be. Scientifically, the theory was first introduced only by Everett in the late fifties of the last century.

Artifacts that archaeologists find are older than Earth. The mechanism that is able to calculate the trajectories along which celestial bodies move was created even before our era. But in ancient times, people did not know how to make devices that do the work of a modern computer. It could have come from another civilization or a parallel world.

Transparent silhouettes in the photo, strange noises, moving objects, the appearance of the dead do not serve as frames from the movie. All this actually happened in the metro of the English capital and is one of the facts of the existence of a parallel world. Near the station called Aldwych, people often watched the figure of a woman wandering along the tracks, and in the area near the museum a mummy moved.

Skeptics claim that such phenomena are just hallucinations or fictions, but scientists think otherwise. The conclusion that there is more than one universe was also made by Aurélien Barrault. A scientist from France, watching how the hadron collider works, noticed that ions and protons do not act according to the laws of physics.

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