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Laserman: a tool for all occasions


What does it take to make a discovery or invent something? Mind, creativity, lack of money and certain conditions that would lead to a brilliant idea. American engineer Tim Leatherman from Oregon had all this in abundance. The conditions that gave impetus to the remarkable invention were an old Ford and a car trip across Europe undertaken in 1975. The Ford always broke and unscrewed something, and Tim constantly had to give minor repairs to his car, having with him a box with wrenches, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers and other tools. Later the thought came: why not combine all these tools in one for convenience? This is how a multifunctional tool, the laserman, was invented and patented in 1983.

Of course, earlier there were knives with two blades, wide and narrow, which could be used as a screwdriver, an awl, a corkscrew and small scissors similar to manicure ones. Such knives were popular in the sixties of the last century, and men with such knives in the pockets of wide trousers were simply indispensable for friendly parties or collegiate outings, called corporate parties today. But the set of tools that Tim Laserman managed to fit into one case is no match for such knives. A modern laserman multi-tool can hide up to two dozen different tools in the hollow handles of folding pliers!

What are these tools? Naturally, pliers and wire cutters combined with them. Necessarily – a knife and a screwdriver with a bottle opener. Of course, there is a saw, scissors, an awl, a can opener and an adjustable wrench in the laserman. Often there is a corkscrew, files for wood and metal, a skinner, tongs, tweezers and much more.

In a word, instead of a box with tools – a multifunctional tool for all occasions weighing from 50 to 400g, which can be carried in a pocket or men’s bag.

By the way, the guarantee for such a tool is 25 years!

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