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Launcher – what is it? Description, classification, properties


Many are interested in: "Launcher – what is it?". The general answer is special software designed to perform specific tasks.

Translated from English, Launcher is a device for launching. A computer program used to run other programs.

Conventionally, two groups can be distinguished:

  • computer;
  • for android.

And each differs in functionality and purpose.

Computer launcher – what is it

Computer launchers are installed on personal computers and laptops, they work on a specific platform (there are also cross-platform ones), they are designed to launch a specific application or a number of applications (with plug-ins).

Among this software, game launchers are widely used, which allow you to:

  • run the game (games) with a certain set of parameters on a PC, laptop or other computer equipment. For example, it is the launcher that will help make the game window full screen ;
  • connect to online game servers and log in to your account.

Additional tasks for these programs are checking the integrity of files and updates, downloading the game client, java packages, and much more.

Launcher - what is it? Description, classification, properties

Functional purpose of launchers

Functionality may vary, for example, include:

  • choice of interface language;
  • setting the screen resolution;
  • setting sound, graphics, modes;
  • a number of other parameters.

The launcher is installed on a personal computer to simplify the management of programs by graphically changing the appearance of the main screen and displaying on it:

  • shortcuts to programs that are used most often;
  • files;
  • various settings.

What else is a launcher and why is it needed? Each user can customize the loader for themselves thanks to a simple, intuitive interface and the drag-and-drop function, which makes it possible to drag the desired icons directly into the program shell. This allows you to significantly save time and, in some cases, manage applications, such as the player, without launching them.

Launcher - what is it? Description, classification, properties

Android launcher what is it?

The second large group of programs are launchers for mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). The main purpose is to organize the desktop and load applications that are not included in the standard set by forming the so-called alternative shell, which involves:

  • changing themes;
  • installation of various add-ons and plug-ins (games, browsers, programs for Internet communication and office programs).

Launcher functionality allows you to:

  • create several desktops on mobile devices at the same time;
  • arrange the necessary widgets, shortcuts, applications in any form and group them into folders;
  • change the location of the control panel;
  • customize the quick launch bar for yourself;
  • much more.

Launchers for mobile devices can differ significantly from each other, but the main elements are the same and are present in each bootloader:

  • desktop – an area for adding various elements;
  • dock bar – one of the types of toolbar, part of the graphical interface;
  • software menu – designed to store icons installed on the mobile device applications;
  • settings – depending on the launcher used, this characteristic is very diverse.

Thus, the answer to the question "Launcher – what is it?" offers many options. Everything directly depends on the software designed to download the launch of the application on desktop computers, laptops and various mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

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