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Fibonacci Farm – home farm RBC



The Fibonacci Technique is based on environmental principles. It allows you to get at home not only a fresh crop, without chemicals, but also to take care of an environmentally friendly future. To do this, the company uses recyclable components throughout its range. All devices are equipped with economic diode lamps with high power, and at the same time, the ability to reduce heat generation. It is also worth considering that agricultural farms are produced in a factory located in a densely planted area that does not harm the atmosphere and soil. 

The functionality of the device is provided on the basis of the principle of growing plants in a closed ecosystem, equipped with a controlled microclimate. This regulation is carried out by monitoring such important indicators as the amount of fertilizer, watering, daylight cycle, stages of maturation and growth, irrigation. The average period of maturation of plants due to the provision of accelerated photosynthesis is about 40 days.

Fibonacci Farm - home farm RBC

Home farm, what is it?

So, a home agricultural farm is a device that allows you to get a fresh healthy crop without leaving your home. In addition to the configuration and functions of the device, there are also other issues related to its operation. 

For example, for efficient cultivation of crops, it is better to order seedlings and seeds from a plant manufacturer. This is due to the fact that the crops recommended for purchase are specially selected taking into account the possible rapid maturation in a farm environment. By the way, the advantage of this system is that the ripened crop retains its freshness for 14 days.

The manufacturer gives a full guarantee of the quality of its products, if desired, the consumer can use the monthly consultation of an agronomist who goes home to improve the growth and maturation of crops. Interestingly, the firm also helps the client grow their own crops. 

Fibonacci Farm - home farm RBC

Fibonacci home farm: technologies

First of all, the manufacturer mentions the wear resistance of the module due to the Soft Touch plastic used. It provides not only the possibility of long-term operation of the device, but also its elegant appearance. The module is equipped with a built-in drip irrigation system. It allows you to adjust the amount of supply of nutrients and minerals to crops. 

Rainbow Spectrum is a built-in module responsible for the formation of an efficient photosynthesis process. Interestingly, the module automatically adjusts to the crops planted in the farm. The optimum temperature and humidity is provided by the SummerYear module. Moreover, measurements of all parameters can be viewed in a proprietary application. Also in this application, you can view the functional performance of the device, track the growth of plants. The agricultural farm comes with an application that allows you to configure the device for the specific preferences of different crops (more than 70 varieties).

This video provides material on how to grow strawberries in PVC pipes.

What is a home farm?

Depending on the model, agricultural farms have different equipment. The manufacturer presents 7 models of devices to the attention of buyers. 

Each model is equipped with:

The body of each model is produced in an aerodynamic shape. It is made from pure aluminium. 

Fibonacci Farm - home farm RBC

Home agrofirm: sowing and harvesting

A home farm allows you to grow about 70 different crops of vegetables, herbs and berries. Planting plants is very easy. From the application, you can find out the features of sowing any crop. The most common of these are tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce. 

Thus, Fibonacci guarantees the cultivation of healthy and environmentally friendly vegetables, herbs and berries, since no chemicals are used in the process of their growth. The indisputable advantage of this installation is that the growth of crops in the agricultural farm does not depend on the season, so everyone will be able to grow fragrant summer berries even in winter!

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