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Help computer: how to clear the memory cache?


Computer memory is a complex system process of storing and reproducing information. The hard disk can be called the main memory, all saved files are permanently stored on it. The user can clean up the hard drive by selectively deleting unnecessary folders.

Random access memory can be conditionally called the ingenuity of a computer. More RAM speeds up its "wit". Any user action is a request for a particular system program. And the faster this request is processed, the better.

What is a cache

To speed up the system, there is a cache memory. This is a kind of temporary storage that stores information about those files and actions that the user requests most often.

Figuratively speaking, the cache keeps an open book with bookmarks on those pages that are needed more often than others, instead of taking it off the shelf with each request and looking for the right rule.

Staged cleaning

Help computer: how to clear the memory cache?Clearing the DNC Cache: It’s not hard. Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. You will see a black window with a blinking cursor, you will need to enter ipconfig /flushdns into it. Then press Enter, literally in a second the system will report that the job is done.

We clear the thumbnails cache: it is responsible for the operation of many application programs. Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup. The program will prompt you to select a disk that needs cleaning, and then it will begin to estimate the amount of space on the selected disk that can be freed up. Then she will offer a window with a report: which files seemed superfluous to her. We confirm cleaning without unnecessary fears: photos, songs and favorite movies are not affected by cleaning.

Now you know how to clear the cache on a Windows 7 computer, and indeed any other operating system: with possible variations, the sequence of actions remains unchanged.

If the amount of computer memory is too small (usually the case with inexpensive laptops), then it is advisable to clear the cache before each system shutdown. It is worth noting that Android phones also have a cache clearing feature.

Ccleaner optimizer

This is a Russian-language free program for cleaning up computer memory, you need to download it from the official website of the developers. All cleaning functions are collected in convenient panels that allow, for example, clearing the cache of all browsers on your computer at the same time.

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