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How to add a post to Instagram from a computer?


For many users, Instagram is a great way to connect with their followers. Some want to share important information or common life situations that might help others. A great opportunity to share price information with others is to post. So, in order to write a post on Instagram through a computer, you need to follow a few simple recommendations, but in the end it will be informative and, most importantly, interesting for readers.

How to add a post to Instagram from a computer?

What to do and how to post on Instagram from a computer?

Beginning Instagram users often have difficulty with how to add a post to Instagram from a computer. But, if you give this issue a little time, then even a beginner can handle it. To download a publication, you should follow these steps:

Your publication will instantly appear in the news feed of your subscribers. The most active subscribers will immediately like and comment on it. Some will probably ask questions, so be prepared in advance. As for the question of how to delete an Instagram account from a computer, it is better to read the information on the Internet to study it.

What to consider when writing a post

Regardless of what profile you have (for business or simple), when compiling informative texts, you need to follow three main rules:

  • interesting and beautiful picture;
  • Contact details;
  • grammar.

Watch the video on how to install the Instagram app on your computer.

Nice picture. Post only high quality photos, preferably made in the same style. Keep in mind that without a good photo, people will not even look at your publications. The main advantage of publications with pictures against the background of all other information is the ability to advertise your product as accurately as possible. Since the subscriber has the opportunity to look at him with his own eyes, and not just read about how good he is.

Contact details. When a user has viewed your post and is interested in your offer, they will want to contact the seller. To make this possible, it is necessary to leave contact information (phone number, email address, just an address). A person should know how and where he can apply to discuss the order.

Grammar. Make sure that your texts are written correctly and without errors. Before putting it out, you need to check everything at least twice. From sudden mistakes or typos, no one is safe, so everything needs to be carefully checked, because restoring a reputation is much more difficult than starting from scratch. When studying the question of how to create an account on Instagram, it is better to rely on advice from experienced users.

Secrets that will help you make high-quality posts on Instagram from a computer

Experienced users claim that there are several secrets that will help those people who do not know how to post on Instagram from a computer.

How to add a post to Instagram from a computer?

These secrets include:

There is an opinion that there are certain days of the week when the audience of potential buyers is more active. As statistics show, most users post their posts on Thursday. This information must, first of all, be taken into account by people who are just starting to figure out how to make a post on Instagram from a computer.

Thanks to the special program SocialKit (an application that tracks posts on Instagram), a person can pre-plan when it is best to post. This application will save you time and will publish your information strictly according to the schedule that you choose yourself. As for how to close an Instagram account from a computer, it’s better not to rush into this decision, because as a result of a sudden decision, you won’t be able to restore your old account again. 

How to add a post to Instagram from a computer?

Publications with multiple photos

Among novice Instagram users, the question often arises of how to post on Instagram from a computer with the addition of several photos at once. This can be done by doing the following:

As a result, you will have a great post with several images that subscribers can see and comment on.

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