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How to connect and set up the Internet on the Xbox 360?


The Xbox 360 is a popular game console that Microsoft has mastered since 2005. A serious competitor to Sony and Nintendo in the field of creating gaming systems, in particular, the PlayStation 3 and Wii consoles.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Xbox 360

All consoles, despite the functional similarity, have a number of fundamental differences. Compared to competitors, Microsoft offers a more powerful GPU that can act as a wired controller for a Windows-compatible computer.

How to connect internet Xbox 360? Every modern console has a wireless connection, but Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, unlike the PlayStation service, is not free.


  • console;
  • wireless controller;
  • Kinect gesture control device;
  • AV cable;
  • power adapter;
  • Kinect Adventures and Sports games, Forza Horizon.

Older models were additionally equipped with an Ethernet cable.

How to connect and set up the Internet on the Xbox 360?

Connecting your Xbox 360 to the internet is easy

It is possible to establish a connection to the Internet via cable or wireless communication channel.

Connect X-box 360 to the Internet using a wired connection:

  • the set-top box is connected by a network cable to the modem in the off state of the devices;
  • if necessary, the connection type "wired" is set in the system settings and its correctness is checked at the check point;
  • the system is logged in, its instructions are carried out, establishing true personal data.

And with a wireless connection:

  • recommended connections with a Wi-Fi adapter are used;
  • using the gamepad, the type of connection being established in the network “Settings" is controlled, its own password is set for the selected network, its correctness is checked, as in the case of a wired one;
  • a personal account is created.

Correct the errors if necessary.

How to connect and set up the Internet on the Xbox 360?

Internet setup on Xbox 360

If you encounter problems or change the type of connection, additional settings may be required. In case of problematic switching, check the installation of the cables, which must be reliable, made until the click in the connector, without voltage.

If an old-style console is used, then it makes sense to equip it with a Wi-Fi network adapter. Suitable, for example, TP-LINK model TL-WN 821N.

It’s easy to hook up the right adapter. You can do without instructions, using the system and these recommendations. Play for fun!

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