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How to create or delete a second Instagram account?


No one can be surprised by such a project as Instagram. It was launched about seven years ago. During this time, the site has gained a crazy audience. Every third person is already registered and actively uploads their photos. Some are more popular, some less, depending on the quality of the content and common interests.
Published photographs or videos may be of a personal or commercial nature. Therefore, there was a need to somehow organize the categories, because the materials are completely on different topics. It is for this reason that the question arises of how to create a second account on Instagram. There is nothing complicated in registering another page and switching them.

How to create or delete a second Instagram account?

How to create a second Instagram account on one phone?

How to create a second Instagram account on one phone? First you need to register an account, just like the first time. Just enter a different name and email. If you already have a second account. You need to go to the settings, usually click on the gears or on the three dots, depending on the operating system of the smartphone. And find the item there add an account, enter your username, password and you’re done. You can link up to five logins and your photos will never mix.

To switch between accounts, just find the arrow near your login at the top, after clicking on it, a complete list of registered pages will be displayed, and select the desired account. 

Minimal differences of creating an Instagram account on Iphone

How to create a second Instagram account on iPhone – it is created in the same way, go to the official Instagram website, fill out the form and you’re done. The account is added via profile management, just like on Android. Creating an account in the official application differs from Android only in the visual component of the application and the display of icons.

How to create a second account on Instagram from a computer or delete it?

Using a computer, you can log into different accounts only from different browsers, unfortunately there is no other way. There are two ways to delete an account: 

To temporarily delete, go to the account you want to delete, click edit profile. We find the button "Temporarily block my account" below, then select the reason "I need a break", enter the password again and you’re done.

If you are wondering how to permanently close an Instagram account from a computer, then we do everything in the same way, only in the reason column, select "Other" and click "Permanently delete my account." It will be completely deleted, without the possibility of recovery.

How to create or delete a second Instagram account?

How to delete an account from a phone?

How to delete a second Instagram account on one phone? It will be a little more difficult here, as the project administration is trying to delay the user as much as possible, and save its audience. Scroll down the "Edit Profile" page to the very bottom to the "Information" section, go to "Edit Profile" by clicking on the gears or three dots. We are looking for somewhere at the bottom of the user agreement, "Personal settings". Next, "Retention period for materials", and on the item "Details about deleting an account". We go through the procedure for explaining the reason, we confirm with the help of a password that the account is ours. Done, no one else will see the materials.

Remove Instagram account for PC users

Initially, Instagram was created only for smartphones, the official application was released for the IOS and Android operating systems. But how to delete an Instagram account from a PC or publish posts on Instagram through a computer? For this, more than one application was created that allows you to use all the same functions of the application and manage your account. One of the most used programs is Gramblr, it doesn’t even require installation and is very easy to use. For more advanced PC users, the use of the Bluestacks app is recommended.

Watch the video on how to create a second Instagram account.

Setting up social networks for business

Many people use Instagram for business and it is very convenient. But how to create an Instagram account for business correctly? It is necessary to connect all social media in order to capture the maximum audience. If your loyal VK social network followers see that you also have Instagram, they will definitely subscribe. Release only high-quality content: large-scale photos and interesting videos for users.

To get started, of course, you need to create an account. If you already have pages for business in other social media, then it is better not to change the name, it will serve for recognition. An important role is played by the keyword to the material, the so-called hashtag. It is needed in order to find your material was easier. If services are provided in one city, there should be a hashtag for example #Moscow. Thus, the audience is already divided into potential customers and ordinary passers-by. To make the client more confident in the seller, ask someone who has already bought something to send a photo with the product and place it on your page. This will be a positive review, and in the future it will show that you can be trusted. You can add some photos of yourself with the product to show that you are a real person and not a scammer. We publish everything with a description, indicate prices and additional parameters:

How to create or delete a second Instagram account?


On Instagram, namely in the “About Me" line, we indicate in full all contacts, full name, city, address, phone number. As well as a list of links to all social media of your business. A little about communication: it is better to have a separate work phone with a number so as not to confuse your personal connections with business ones, the number should contain as many identical numbers as possible, so it will be easy to remember. Communication should be official, without jargon, always on “You”, remember – this is your client, not a close friend. He will also add up your image of communication and draw conclusions.

Promotion of Instagram account

The number of visitors, subscribers and likes is also important. What are subscribers for? A person who is subscribed to our account, scrolling through the news, will see a new product. It will get his attention anyway. Then, by clicking on the photo, he will want to know the price, if the price suits him, then most likely there will be a successful transaction, otherwise he can show his friends that he can attract new subscribers. There are many services for the promotion of social networks. Without investments, of course, it will not work here, but you should not save. The price for such services does not bite, about 100 rubles for 300 subscribers. Effective investments in account promotion should quickly pay for themselves.

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