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How to distinguish an iPhone 4S from a fake?


The iPhone was first introduced to consumers in 2007, and almost immediately this multifunctional device gained a lot of fans around the world. The ubiquitous Chinese manufacturers, of course, could not ignore the new fertile niche for the realization of their talents and immediately responded with the release of fakes of various quality and degree of correspondence to the original. To the credit of the Chinese, they coped with their task well and quickly, which is why the market for modern “smart" phones is regularly replenished with ersatz iPhones that repeat each new model released by Apple.

Buying a new iPhone 4s is far from the cheapest pleasure, so it is naive to assume that a person who has invested so much money in acquiring a thing whose main purpose is to demonstrate the wealth and good taste of its owner will be content with a Chinese fake. That is why it is important to distinguish a genuine iPhone from a fake one precisely by external signs, at the acquisition stage.

Organoleptic test

“To the tooth” the studied iPhone, of course, is useless to check, but to weigh it is possible and even necessary. A real iphone 4s weighs 137 grams – and nothing else. The Chinese fake is always a little easier. It makes sense to try to touch the screen with something cold, that is, not with your finger. The touch screen of a real iPhone reacts to heat, while a Chinese one reacts to pressure. For the same reason, the presence of a stylus in the kit immediately betrays a falsification. In addition, remembering the infamous "Abibas", you can closely examine the appearance of the device. Some Chinese firms, whose pricing policy is modest, make the image of the famous "apple" different from the original in some detail, for example, bitten on the other side. Finally, Apple never releases devices with pink cases, unlike the Chinese who are trying to please everyone.

Program and menu test

The easiest way to recognize a fake is to check the Russian-language menu for adequacy. If at least one phrase of the menu caused a smile, then the object under study is a dummy. In the same way, as if this device has the ability to use two SIM cards or any other operating system other than iOS 5. Often the main reason why an iPhone is bought at all is the notorious SIRI system. Everything is quite simple here: it is not on Chinese iPhones and never will be! And, perhaps, the most effective way would be to check with iTunes: if iTunes does not “see” the connected device, then this is definitely not an iPhone.

Thus, despite the fact that the Chinese industry is developing with the times, everyone is quite capable of distinguishing a Chinese phone from a real iphone 4s. However, experts say that anyone who has ever held a genuine Apple product in their hands will immediately recognize a Chinese fake. And with a laugh they add: “Drop it on the floor. If it breaks, it’s definitely Chinese!”

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