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How to make an electricity generator at home?


The noise and smog of megacities makes citizens leave their cramped apartments in the city and move to country cottages near forests and rivers in order to breathe clean air at least for the weekend. But here it turns out that without electricity it is impossible to lead a full-fledged modern life. Refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, washing machines, chargers – this is the equipment that is quite difficult to do without.

Therefore, to create comfortable conditions, each homeowner tries to purchase or make an electricity generator on his own. In such cases, he wonders: how to make an electricity generator with your own hands? Similar independent sources of electricity can work:

The principle of operation of a wind generator of electricity

On the territory of Russia, wind power generators are not yet particularly common, but Denmark has seriously taken up the problem of energy saving. There is even a special state program aimed at providing the state with electricity.

To independently create such an asynchronous stationary generator does not require much time and effort. And windy seaside or mountainous areas have an excellent opportunity with its help to fully cover the electricity consumption for small private houses.

Video on how to make a DIY electricity generator

The principle of operation of a wind generator is to operate the engine from wind energy. The generator is started from the engine and transfers electricity to special batteries. In them, electricity is accumulated, and then it is distributed according to its intended purpose. How to make a home electricity generator? Among the huge variety of designs of wind generators, you can choose one that is most suitable for you. All generators consist of:

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The simplest solution to the question of how to make an electricity generator is to use a DC magnet circuit. For this, home craftsmen can use a suitable motor or an old tape-driven computer motor. The main thing is that it should be a model with high DC voltage, low RPM and high current. Models with low voltage and high speed should be avoided.

Consider an example using a 30 volt Ametek motor. It revs up enough to ignite a 12-volt bulb with just a simple push with your hands. To determine if your engine will produce enough power, you can test it on a drill press. To do this, connect it to the appropriate load.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

How to make blades for a wind turbine?

How to make an electricity generator at home?

Mounting screws

How to make an electricity generator at home?How to make an electricity generator at home?
How to make an electricity generator at home?

Making a tower for installation

Next, you need to install the windmill on the tower so that it allows it to rotate freely in the direction of the wind.

A 2.5 cm iron pipe can be used for this as it will slide freely in a 3 cm steel pipe. The main device is connected in the center with an iron flange. An iron pipe should be screwed in at a distance of 19 cm from the end of the generator. The wires pass through a hole in the pipe and exit at the base of the tower.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

A plywood disk with a diameter of 60 cm is used to make the base of the tower. The assembly shape is U-shaped, pipeline fittings with a diameter of 2.5 cm were used for the manufacture of fasteners. A 3.5 cm tee is installed in the center. Thus, the tower will freely turn, rise and fall. Steel inserts go through holes drilled in the wooden disk and fix it to the ground.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

The photo shows the top with the base attached. They will be connected using a three-meter pipe.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

Parts made of wood must be painted with paint to protect the wood from decay and rain. Next, the wings are screwed on, and a counterweight is added to the tail section to balance the system.

Batteries and electronics

For the manufacture of an electronic system of a wind farm, you need:

  • Wind turbine.
  • Batteries that will store the energy produced by the generator.
  • blocking diode.
  • Charge the controller.

A controller for a solar or wind power plant can be purchased ready-made, but you can also make it yourself. For those who are thinking about how to make an electricity generator at home and decide to make a controller on their own, it means that you understand electronics and, most likely, you will find many of the necessary parts in your garage. If you have the appropriate knowledge, you can change this scheme for yourself, experimenting and choosing your best options.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

In the event that you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of electronics, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made controller. Its presence is necessary to prevent overcharging and battery failure.

The appearance of a home-made controller made for this power plant is shown in the photo. For its initial testing, simply bolt the unit to a sheet of plywood. After, during operation, it must be protected from precipitation by a special case.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

Installation of a wind generator of electricity

After manufacturing all the necessary elements of the system, care should be taken to create fixtures for the tower structure. At this stage, you will need a pipe 3 m long and 35 mm thick to make a riser. Having collected all the details and installed the structure, it is necessary to fix it on four sides with nylon ropes and wooden stakes.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

To more securely fix the top of the tower, it is advisable to attach the ropes to the pipe using metal brackets. Instead of ropes, it is better to use metal cables, however, for the first time, nylon ropes will be enough to test the operation of a windmill.

The base of the tower is mounted on a disk, which is located directly on the ground. A wire led through the hole connects the turbine to the controller. To pull the wire through the pipe, a rigid wire is used, to one end of which the wire should be screwed and pulled through the pipe by the other end.

How to make an electricity generator at home?

The blades of such a windmill accelerate well even with slight gusts of wind. Having made such a useful thing in the household, you can charge your phone, connect a laptop and other equipment and not depend on traditional power sources. And soon, perhaps, neighbors who want to have the same device will turn to you, and you will again have to think about how to make an electricity generator with your own hands, but for a substantial reward.

Video how to make a magnetic electricity generator

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