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Blogger – who is it: the pros and cons of this profession



So, a blogger – who is this person, what does he do, and most importantly, why? A blogger can be any Internet user who has his own page, but keeps it in the form of a diary. That is, this diary will be publicly available, and everyone who is interested in learning something useful can read it in the public domain.

What will be discussed in the author’s personal blog is absolutely not limited by any framework. There are a lot of bloggers nowadays, the activities being watched by thousands of people.

Blogger: how to create a blog?

In order to get hold of your blog, it is not at all necessary to graduate from computer courses or college. Now there are a sufficient number of sites where you can host your blog for free. For example Blogger. To get started, you will have to register on this platform.

Next, in the left corner, select the "Create a new blog" option, come up with a name (it should convey the theme of your diary as much as possible), enter the address (url). Don’t worry if during creation it turns out that the address you have chosen is already taken. Try to pick up another, there may be many options. Sometimes it happens that by adding one or more numbers or just a hyphen, you can get your unique address.

Blogger - who is it: the pros and cons of this profession

Look at the suggested templates and choose the one you like and click the "Create Blog" button. Now you can read as well as edit the blog. To do this, you will need to enter the settings and enter the e-mail of the user who is given access.

If you want to restrict someone’s rights to this blog, close access completely, or to any materials, then you can do this in the main settings, the "Permissions" tab.

Those who constantly share their experience in any field can gain a fairly large number of subscribers. It is thanks to them that real bloggers earn.

You can earn income in several ways:

What is the profession?

Anyone who has his own personal diary on the Internet can become a blogger. The best blogger in the world also once started out simple. A novice author can describe his travel experiences, conduct educational lessons, talk about interesting facts, and demonstrate his video files.

To get started, you can see how others do it, for example, on Blogger, Livejournal, LiveJournal or Twitter. What all people who keep internet diaries have in common is that they want to share with all their observations, news, recipes or thoughts. But sometimes enterprises hire a person who has a web page open for a long time, and pay him a salary for posting information about the enterprise. Such people cover all new technologies introduced at the company, news, and various changes. This also includes: 

The salary of such an employee is from 15,000 to 90,000 rubles per month.

Blogger: what does he do?

Today, both novice users and professionals can keep an Internet diary. And not just to lead, but to be able to earn. If for a person this is a hobby, then his news may be irregular, but sometimes a hobby develops into a "lifelong business." Although some create their pages just for communication, for example, blogs of future and young mothers are very popular. Here people do not just share information, but they describe the real application or use of certain things, products, etc.

As a rule, professionals try to attract as many subscribers as possible, and for this you need not just talk about something, but really collect information, analyze it, mount it. Those who have many thousands of subscribers know how to attract a simple layman and keep him. 

This video talks about who is a blogger and what do bloggers do? When did bloggers appear? The first blogger, video blogger. 

Profession blogger: pros and cons

A professional blogger will find an opportunity to make money on everything that generates income. Therefore, over time, it will be possible to leave your main job and engage only in keeping a diary. The richest blogger in the world once did just that. Sometimes it is not only interesting, but also quite profitable. And most importantly, you don’t have to go to work in the sense that we are used to.

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