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The most famous and richest bloggers in the world



These people do not always just share their information. Most often they earn, and there is nothing wrong with that. By creating interesting reports, discussing the problems that have arisen, sharing any recipes and tips, the authors have the right to receive a certain income. But whether it will or not depends on the topic that the blogger chooses for his diary.

The most famous blogger in the world

Naturally, with the development of blogs, there appeared those that the whole world knows. Their articles are read by a huge number of subscribers. Such people are called top bloggers, they are recognized not only by face, but also by voice. They earn quite a lot of money. To achieve such results, you need to share not only interesting, but also popular articles, video files or comments for more than one month.

The most famous and richest bloggers in the world

The Huffington Post is the most popular blog in the world. Its creators Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lehrer, Jonah Peretti and Andrew Breitbart regularly post new information that covers many areas. Such, for example, as entertainment, politics, travel, the world around us, business.

The blog has been running since 2005. More than $5 million was invested in it just a year after its launch. Very soon, the profit of this project amounted to more than 15 million dollars. Now about 9 thousand employees work here, including famous scientists, politicians, famous actors. This blog has an audience in France, Canada, Italy, UK and Italy. And editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington was named the 12th (twelfth) most powerful woman of 2009 by Forbs.

richest blogger in the world

The first thing every novice blogger thinks about: how to create your own blog? Currently, it has been observed that more than 30 (!) Million Internet diaries are created every day around the world. Agree, with such wild competition, it is very difficult to climb not only into the top ten, into the top hundred of the best bloggers in the world.

But still, there are people who not only occupy the top positions of the ranking, but also become one of the most successful and rich. For example, Huffington Arianna. It is she who is not only in the top twenty most influential women in the world, but also the richest blogger on the global Internet. 

The most famous and richest bloggers in the world

The most famous blogger in the world on YouTube

Everyone who at least periodically accesses the Internet is definitely related to blogging. These are those who write the post, those who comment, and those who just read. Some bloggers gain their fame for many months, shooting video after video, editing it and finalizing it.

The very first place according to the number of subscribers is taken by the Swede Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or simply PewDiePie – he has more than 55 million of them, and he has been registered for 7 years. His blog is based on the fact that the author is commenting on his actions while playing games on the computer. For the most part, subscribers like him thanks to heart-rending screams that send chills on the skin, and comments that are skillfully matched to such genres of games as action and horror.

This let’s player earns not only with his content, he often agrees to advertising. Last year, this famous YouTube video blogger earned more than 1 (one) million per month. True, more than 40% of such profits are taken by the YouTube channel.

This video presents the TOP 10 richest youtubers in the world.

The most famous vlogger in the world list

Millions of people dream of becoming famous stars, basking in the glory. However, few achieve these goals. Some continue to cherish their dream, hoping for a chance, while others do not sit idly by, but actively develop their blog. At the same time, you need to clearly understand: a blogger, what kind of profession.

The most famous and richest bloggers in the world

The best blogger in the world

Each viewer chooses the channel and the subject of the material being viewed. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine who is the best, but, as a rule, the greater the number of subscribers, the more popular the channel.

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