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How to Make an Instagram Contest: Organizing Tips


The essence of the contest on Instagram is that its organizers promise the participants a chance to receive a gift for fulfilling certain conditions. Most often, the condition is the repost of the entry, which allows you to tell the friends of subscribers about it. 

In other words, such an action can be called advertising. There are several types of draws that can be held in the conditions of this social network.

Any of the presented drawings allows you to increase the number of subscribers, increase the visibility of the project, and conduct an advertising campaign in a limited budget. It is worth considering that such lotteries also have disadvantages. Firstly, during their implementation, there may be a decline in sales, that is, the people participating will wait for the results, time with the purchase. There is also a group of people who just want to get some thing or service as a gift and participate in all lotteries. Such participants will not bring profit to the organizer. 

How to run a contest on Instagram: repost

To conduct an advertising campaign, which will consist of reposting a photo with information, you must follow the instructions.

If the lottery is held in a young group, it can be activated through paid advertising in celebrity profiles.

Holding a contest on Instagram: a creative action

To hold a creative action, you must place all the detailed information about the creative photo, the necessary tag and the nickname of the organizer. It is also required to provide information about the prizes, the timing of the promotion and how the winner is determined. 
To become a member, you must place a creative photo in your feed that will correspond to the stated theme or plot. Next, you need to open your profile so that anyone can read the tape. The image must be signed with an individual tag and nickname of the organizer. The winner of any promotion is determined in several ways, which can be found below. 

This video shows you how to run a contest on Instagram.

How the contest winner is chosen: Instagram

The terms and conditions must clearly state the end dates of the promotion, as well as the number and method of choosing the winner. The easiest way to select the winning face is to use the contest tag. 

It is necessary to finish the video by taking a close-up of the author’s nickname so that it can be read. After that, you need to stop recording the video, check that all conditions are met. If the author treated the action in good faith, he becomes its winner. If some condition is not met, the video should be re-shot in the same way.

How to win an Instagram contest?

In order to win the lottery, you must follow all the rules described as clearly as possible. There are several ways to select the winning person. If the selection is conducted by a jury, the participant must comply with all conditions. The most common conditions are:

  • subscription to the account of the organizer of the action;
  • placement of the competitive image in your feed;
  • placement under the photo of the tag and account of the organizer;
  • open your profile;
  • comply with the dates of the event;
  • collect the largest number of likes, reposts, give the most original creative task.

Also, the choice of the winner can be made using a random number generator, drawing lots, choosing a random photo using a tag. If the promotion is carried out using a random number generator, the participant should make sure that his account is assigned an individual number.

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