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How to remove ads on android – 3 ways to clean your phone from spam


Smartphones have become an absolutely indispensable thing for a person. In addition to the main function of making a call, they replace the address book, computer, camera, game console and many other things. With the spread of wireless Internet in such devices, a significant drawback arose – an abundance of unnecessary information. And not everyone knows how to remove ads on android.

Application Applications

One of the easiest ways to clean your phone from spam is to install one of the special applications. By performing certain algorithms of actions, programs restrict the rights of processes that download virus data.

Popular developments for spam elimination:

  • AdAway
  • LuckyPatcher
  • adblock for android

In order for the programs to fulfill their mission, they should be allowed access to certain functions of the smartphone. So, to use AdAway, you should take care of obtaining root rights, which provide the ability to make changes to the phone’s file system. It should be borne in mind that each manufacturer has its own ways of solving the problem.

How to remove ads on android - 3 ways to clean your phone from spam

At the first start, you just need to grant the program the requested rights and download a special host file that allows you to further filter the data coming into it. The device will need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

Fans of playing games on their favorite device will be interested to know that the LuckyPatcher program also allows you to bypass licenses in them.

How to remove ads on android in applications manually

In order to remove annoying messages from your smartphone, you need to understand at least a little about their functionality. So, to remove spam, you will need an Internet connection, a device equipped with a file manager and rooted.

With the help of one simple operation, you can not bother with how to remove ads on android in applications, because it will be blocked on almost all programs used.

How to remove ads on android - 3 ways to clean your phone from spam

To do this, download the HOSTS file, usually it is stored as an archive. In the unpacked form, it should be placed on the phone’s memory card and renamed by writing its name in lowercase letters instead of capital letters. The only condition is that after renaming, use the file manager to move it to a folder located at / system / etc.

Remove ads from the browser

Unfortunately, most often spam appears when using the Internet. There are several ways to remove ads in the Android browser, and it all depends on the type of program.

So, Firefox suggests limiting itself to a special extension that gets rid of this scourge. Those who are used to using the mobile version of Opera will have to spend much more time downloading a special urlfilter.ini file and setting the path for the browser to it.

Types of Viral Content

Often, most of the processes occurring in the gadget do not hesitate to use intrusive spam. It is of three types:

  • pop-up;
  • banners;
  • advertising in the program interface itself.

Malicious content should be deleted for many reasons – it takes up a large amount of RAM, “eats up" Internet traffic and charging, and increases the likelihood of a system becoming infected with viruses.

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