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How to set up a local network?


A local area network is two or more computers connected to each other. Computers can be connected using an electric or fiber optic cable both at enterprises, in offices, and at home – in one apartment between several computers in different rooms. The local network opens up great opportunities for Internet users. With its help, you can exchange useful information between network members: documents, films, games, music, programs, etc.

To connect to the network, you need: network cards (one for each network member), a network cable (what connects computers to the network) and a switch or Switch (if there are more than two computers on the network, then this device unites the entire system into a single whole ).

Often computer users are faced with the problem of setting up a network. This happens especially often after reinstalling the operating system. This is due to the fact that many of us have either never dealt with this problem, or have forgotten how it is done. And this is done very simply.

Consider connecting a local network using the Windows XP operating system as an example. In principle, if you know how this is done in this operating system, then it will not be difficult to set up a network connection on the other "axes".

Firstly, after reinstalling the "OS", you need to click the "Start" button on the desktop. Next, in the menu that opens, select the "Control Panel" tab. Then click on the "Network Connections" icon. In the window that opens, select the icon that shows two computers and right-click on the icon and open the "Properties" tab. Then, in the window that appears, select the item "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)" and click "Properties". OK.

Or we enter the data issued by your provider, for this we put a checkmark in front of the "Use the following ip-address" and "Use the following DNS server addresses" sections. Everything, the network is connected, do not forget to restart the computer.

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