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Instagram won’t erase deleted photos and messages


If you delete a photo or post from Instagram, you might think that the data will be permanently deleted, but as it turns out, this is far from the case.

Back in 2018, Instagram introduced the ability to download absolutely all of your account data, including photos, videos, stories, and comments.

Security researcher Saugat Pokharel found among the downloaded data photos of private messages that he deleted over a year ago. Although Instagram assures users that deleted information is stored on servers for 90 days and then deleted permanently.

In October last year, a specialist reported this problem to Instagram. The company explained that the cause of the situation was allegedly a bug in the system, which has already been fixed.

The number of users affected by this "bug" is still unknown.

Recall that last month, users accused Instagram of covertly using the camera while scrolling through the feed in the application. Then the company also wrote off everything as a “bug in the system".

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