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Smart watches: which is better to buy for a child?


The main criteria for choosing a smart watch for a child

No one will argue with the fact that the safety of a child’s life is a paramount issue that parents are trying to successfully resolve by any means. Of course, you can go a much simpler way and try to accompany your child everywhere. But hardly anyone can be so dissolved in the life of their own child. Work, personal problems and much more – it is impossible not to let go of a child, whether you want it or not. In order to calm the parental nerves as much as possible and control the life of the child, a special electronic device was created – a smart watch. Such a device looks exactly like a watch familiar to everyone, however, their internal filling is able not only to control the location of the child, but also allows parents to always be aware of the events happening with their beloved child. Such a little thing has many interesting and useful functions that will be of interest not only to children, but also to adults. Such smart watches may well replace a child’s phone, because most watch models can make and receive calls, write SMS and communicate on social networks.

Smart watches: which is better to buy for a child?

You can list the advantages of such a device endlessly, but here’s how to choose the perfect option for yourself? Like any kind of electronics, smartwatches have their own features of choice. which are worth paying attention to. First of all, when choosing a smartwatch for your child, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the device. The design of the purchased device must be appropriate for the age of the child. Too bright devices for children aged 12-14 may not be suitable. For them, it is better to choose more moderate color combinations. In addition, it is worth understanding that a children’s watch is not only a means of monitoring a child, but also a very functional device that can have very useful features. For example, they can have a built-in pedometer, a calorie counter, or even a sleep monitoring function. Besides, when buying a smart watch for a child, you should also pay attention to protecting the device from moisture. Children on their own are clumsy and agile creatures who accidentally fill the device with water. Therefore, if there are doubts about the accuracy of your child, it is better to buy a smart watch with water protection.

Learn more about how to choose a smart watch for a child in this video.

Nuances: what to consider when buying a smart watch for a child?

Choosing a smart watch for a child is not only an interesting, but also a very responsible matter. That is why, when choosing the best smart watch model, you must take into account some of the nuances. For example, it is important to pay attention to which display the device has: color or not. On the one hand, this parameter is not so important, but on the other hand, children are much more willing to wear smart watches with a color display. But again, this will all depend on the age of the child. It is also very important to pay attention to the possibilities of the phone book. There are devices in which you can record 10-15 numbers in the phone book at the same time, and there are those where the memory allows you to record only two numbers. Therefore, when buying a smart watch, if the parent is sure that in case of danger he will always be able to answer the child’s call, he can choose a model with a phone book for two numbers. If you are not sure about this, then it is better to protect yourself and purchase a model with several numbers in the phone book. Another very important point is the GPS module on smart watches. This function must be on the device if the parent wants to use the gadget to control the location of the child.

Smart watches: which is better to buy for a child?

Inexpensive options: what is the best smartwatch to buy for a child?

Talking about budget options for smartwatches for children, I would initially like to mention one Elari Fixitime model, which is able to please with its very stylish case and comfortable silicone strap. Such smart watches have an extensive list of additional features, such as, for example, SMS messages, voice communication and tracking. With the help of such a device, parents can easily determine the main locations of the child, and as soon as their child climbs outside the permitted areas, they will immediately receive a notification about this. In addition, this watch model has a bright design, not a bulky case and a touch screen. The rechargeable battery of such watches is of high quality and holds a charge for up to a week. These smart watches have one of the lowest prices on the market, while they are really very worthwhile and multifunctional. Another model of inexpensive watches Ginzzu GZ-507 has a wide range of functions. This smart watch has it all: GPS / LBS (localization of the device) / Wi-Fi geolocation, low battery reminder, feedback function, remote shutdown. They even have a flashlight and a 0.3 MP camera. Also in such an electronic device there is a “Always in touch" function, thanks to which parents can call their child right on the clock at any time.

Smart watches: which is better to buy for a child?

Which of the expensive smartwatch models is better for a child?

One of the most popular smartwatches in 2019 is the Wise WG-KD03 smartwatch. Such a device has excellent functionality, has built-in sensors for measuring the distance traveled, counts calories, steps and measures the pulse. It also has special programs for running, swimming and cycling. This watch model has a special function called "Anti-lost". Thanks to her, the gadget can be found anywhere using GPS. Well, also, in such a device there are standard bonuses in the form of an alarm clock, a blood pressure measurement sensor, a demonstration of the oxygen level and a screen display when the owner of the device raises his hand. The device has Wi-Fi, a large screen 1.54, a capacious battery due to which the watch can work for 130 hours.

Smart watches: which is better to buy for a child?