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Ways to delete an Instagram account


Modern youth cannot imagine their life without social networks. But, for various reasons, people are thinking about leaving the ranks of Instagram. If you don’t know how to delete an Instagram account from a computer, then you can first of all use simple tips from experienced users.

Features of deleting an Instagram account

Today, there are two main ways to delete your profile from Instagram:

  • block your page for a certain time;
  • delete the account from the system permanently.

Page lock with the possibility of recovery. If you do not know how to delete an Instagram profile from a computer with further recovery, then follow these recommendations:

When you want to restore your blocked page, you just need to go to Instagram and enter your old username and password in the appropriate window. We should not forget that thanks to the ability to shoot Instagram Stories on a computer, you can share the most interesting information from your life with your subscribers.

How to delete Instagram permanently

For various reasons, people have a desire to permanently get rid of their Instagram page. To quickly and permanently terminate your profile, you will need to follow these steps:

Watch a video about the process of deleting an Instagram account.

Experienced users strongly recommend saving all photos before complete deletion. Before making such a decision, keep in mind that using this method in the future you will not be able to recover all the information, as well as your photos.

The process of deleting an Instagram account through the phone forever comes down to the following steps (Suitable for iPhones):

If you have an android, then you need to perform other steps:

Ways to delete an Instagram account

No need to make sudden decisions, which you may later regret, it is better to think it over well. If you are just tired of Instagram, then do not visit it for a while, it is not at all necessary to delete your page, because later it is problematic to restore it again in the future. And also, one should not forget about the importance of the question, how to fill out a profile on Instagram, since the activity of your subscribers depends on it.

Recommendations for people who plan to block Instagram

A rather urgent question among those who are going to block their page is how to remove the second account on Instagram. So, if the user has several accounts. Then, if desired, he can remove each one in turn. The most important thing is to know all the passwords from them. In addition, the email address or phone number to which the page is linked may be required.

No less relevant is the issue of blocking associated profiles. So, you need to consider that if your Instagram page is linked to other social networks, then before blocking it, it is advisable to untie it from another social network.

To do this, you need:

Once you unlink your profile, you can delete it using the standard method. As for the question of how to get an account on Instagram, then our additional material will help you deal with it.

Ways to delete an Instagram account

If you are unable to delete your Instagram profile, then this can be explained by the fact that you are entering the wrong password for your page. So, without the correct password, you will not be able to block the page, even if you have access to it. You will not have any other problems in this matter.

What prompts such a decision?

When a person is trying to figure out how to delete an Instagram profile through a computer, he should know that in this process he will also need to indicate the reason for his decision. In this case, there is a special list from which a person must select several facts that prompted him to such a decision. This list includes the following options:

  • privacy insecurity. If a person, for some reason, does not trust the application;
  • if you decide to create a completely different account;
  • if your profile is too overloaded with various information;
  • failed to find friends or too few subscribers;
  • in case of frequent problems when entering the page;
  • other reasons.

If you want to block a profile due to low subscriber traffic, then there are special sites for this that work to get as many likes as possible. For the same reason, you do not need to immediately block, since the process of recruiting subscribers is quite long and laborious. To do this, on the contrary, you should hit your work even harder, launch various contests, thereby motivating people to subscribe to you.

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