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What is a cartridge?


In modern language, foreign words are very common. A lot of them are used to refer to any device. One such word that can often be heard in the lexicon is cartridge. But what is its meaning? If we approach the issue from the point of view of the origin of the word, then it came into the Russian language from the English dictionary, where it is used to refer to just a cartridge for a firearm.

Everyone knows that a cartridge is not just an integral element, but in some way a “device" containing a set of elements that allow a shot to be fired. So the cartridge, in its meaning, is a block or device consisting of a number of elements, which together allow it to be used for any equipment. In addition, cartridges for equipment, as well as cartridges, are easy to remove and replace, and, if necessary, replace some of its constituent elements. For example, a printer cartridge is refilled with ink or toner powder, and after the ink runs out, it is easy to refill the cartridge again.

In general, the word cartridge is used to refer to several devices. It may be a cartridge for a game console, which was very popular at one time. Such a cartridge was a "cassette" with a block of information about the game, which was directly inserted into the console, there could be a different number of games on the cartridge. Cartridges for multifunctional devices (printer, scanner, copier) can be of two types, as mentioned above, and serve to supply the device with ink for printing images or text. Without a cartridge, such devices become useless, with the exception of a scanner, which is why it is ink and toner cartridges that are most common in word circulation now. There is another kind of cartridges, is a tape drive cartridge, a magnetic device used in computers to record data based on magnetic tape. Such a cartridge actually somewhat resembles an ordinary stereo cassette, as it has a magnetic tape on which recording is carried out, protective windows, and a tape drive mechanism.

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