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What is an iPod?


The iPod is an mp3 player manufactured by Apple. There are several models of this product. Differences from any other company, as usual, have their own "chips".

Consider all models:

iPod shuffle – miniature, several bright colors are announced (pink, orange, blue, light green and light gray). Can be attached to a jacket or shirt, very convenient. He even knows how to speak (says the name of the song when you press a certain button). Big minus – no display. On the screen, it is much easier to see the name of the artist or the name of the song currently playing.

The iPod nano is again a small player, but this time with a display. Yes, and with touch, which is very nice. Bright performance, a large selection of colors (orange, blue, pink, light green and two shades of gray) will conquer any style. The manufacturer promises that with the help of the built-in connector, we will be able to connect this device to the stereo in the car or at home, in general, wherever we like.

iPod classic – 160 GB of storage, video and photo viewing, easy control, what more do you need?? The only color is gray and white. But we buy equipment not only for style.

iPod touch is just a mega-device, with all kinds of games, applications, a touch screen and a motion sensor, Wi-Fi and a bunch of other useful things that are necessary in modern life. For example, the ability to make video calls by connecting to the network, recording and editing video. It is very pleasant to hold this model in hands. Acquaintance with this device leads to complete delight, but quickly gets bored.

Should you buy an iPod? All Apple technology is, of course, high style and excellent quality. Whether you need it is up to you. My opinion is that it’s like a phone. You need a mobile only for calls, and an mp3 player for listening to music. If you support my point of view, then a device from any manufacturer with enough memory and convenient buttons will suit you. Want something more? Let’s go to "re:Store" stores for this wonderful technique.

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