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What is computer virtual memory?


Computer virtual memory, also known as cache memory, is a common element found in most operating systems. It has been widely used because of its low cost, and yet it has great advantages. Today, in modern PCs, from 32 to 64 megabytes of RAM are allocated to the processor. But. As often happens, this amount of memory is not enough for the correct functioning of all programs that require high speeds. For example, if you run several programs and open several tabs in your web browser, then the standard RAM will not be enough. And if there was no virtual memory, then our PC would offer us to close one or more programs. When virtual memory is activated, the computer looks for data in its random access memory (RAM), which were not used, and copies them to the hard drive (hard drive). This procedure frees up space in RAM for downloading new programs and applications. Many do not even notice this and think that their computer has an unlimited amount of RAM. It is important to have enough RAM in order to work comfortably with your computer, as there is a chance that the PC will slow down or even freeze.

What to do if the computer reports that the virtual memory of the computer is running out?

Sometimes it happens that a message pops up on the desktop of your computer that your computer’s virtual memory is running low and needs to be increased. In order to increase virtual memory (I strongly advise after such a message), you need to do the following:

1 open the "Control Panel";

2 hereinafter "Systems";

3 tab "Advanced";

4 then in the "Performance" section, click on the "Advanced" button;

5 in the "Virtual memory" section will show the amount of available virtual memory;

6 to change the amount of memory, you need to click on the "Change" button and increase it by 2 times.

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