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Technologies, methods and features of Internet marketing


The Internet has unique characteristics that differ significantly from traditional marketing tools. An important property of the Internet environment lies in its hypermedia nature, characterized by highly efficient presentation and assimilation of information. This contributes to a significant increase in marketing opportunities, strengthening the relationship between companies and consumers.

The Internet performs not only communication functions, but also allows you to conclude transactions, make purchases and make payments. Thanks to this, it acquires the outlines of a global electronic market. In the marketing system of a modern enterprise, the Internet has ample opportunities.

Internet Marketing Technologies

Internet marketing by the nature of its activities is very similar to advertising. However, the use of the term “marketing" rather than “advertising” is explained by the fact that Internet marketing technologies in retail sales do not always allow achieving the goals of advertising.

Any Internet marketing technologies are aimed at achieving the following results:

Internet marketing helps to attract both a very wide audience (all in a row) and thus increase the overall site traffic, and an audience that is interested in buying any service or product of the customer.

A well-chosen Internet marketing strategy is not so much the strategy that allowed you to attract a large number of users to the site, but the actions that resulted in the quality of the attracted audience meeting the required one.

As a primitive criterion for evaluating the popularity of a site, you can use the dynamics of the number of external links to the site, as well as the increased number of mentions of the product name or trade brand on the Internet.

The main technologies of Internet marketing in retail sales are:

  • Search advertising to spread information about a company or website. To do this, search engines place advertisements with keywords.
  • Search engine optimization aimed at promotion, site optimization.
  • Contextual advertising posted on websites.

Nowadays, due to the development of the Internet, other types of technologies have appeared, for example, video marketing and social media marketing.

Internet Marketing Features

If we consider the features of Internet marketing that users who come to the Internet face, then we can distinguish the following characteristic features:

  • If you are engaged in Internet marketing, then you must have an e-mail database (one might say, a database of potential customers). Without it, effective Internet marketing activities are impossible.
  • Another feature, which is closely related to the first one, is the need to install programs or create services designed to maintain and set an e-mail database.
  • Spam – any Internet marketer knows firsthand how important it is to engage in spam in their activities. However, on their sites, the fight against spam is carried out with the help of special protective modules that block spam from comments and do not allow site visitors to see them.
  • Advertising methods, which can be both paid and free. For example, Yandex.Direct is a paid method, the final result will depend on the clarity of its settings.
  • Another feature of Internet marketing is the fact that, despite the virtual space in which you carry out your activities, real money is invested in it. At the same time, quite a lot of money can be spent and, often, to no avail. Therefore, people who decide to do business on the Internet should be familiar with the basics of Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques

Internet marketing methodology consists of search marketing, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate programs, web analytics issues, etc. However, all methods and tools are aimed at achieving one main goal – to be useful to others.

Video about internet marketing methodology

A good website should encourage the visitor to return to it again. For example, on the very popular Google, everything is done to interest the user to come back here again and again, find what he was looking for and get answers to any questions of interest.

Internet marketing tools are designed to attract buyers to web resources, sites or blogs that act as an advertising platform to promote any product on the market.

  • A website is one of the most important tools of internet marketing. Create a website and put it on the Internet. With its thoughtful use, you will get an excellent opportunity to successfully compete in the market and sell products.
  • Search engine marketing allows you to display a site on the first page for a particular query in a search engine. Search engine marketing is also often referred to as website promotion. This tool is of great importance in internet marketing activities.
  • Search engine optimization Seo – attracting the target audience from search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc.) to websites or blogs. However, before that, it is necessary that the desired content on the site is fully indexed.
  • Search advertising, which is usually presented in text blocks placed in search engines. After specific user requests on the Internet, these blocks are displayed, which contributes to the effective attraction of visitors to websites or blogs for high-frequency queries.

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