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What is psychogenetics?


Psychogenetics is a unique science that includes many aspects from a wide variety of fields, such as genetics, psychology, physics, medicine, and many other branches of science. It is with the help of psychogenetics that it is possible to explain certain patterns that can be traced in the life of a person, the presence of hereditary diseases, hereditary predispositions in a particular area of ​​life and activity of an individual. In order to make this possible, within the framework of psychogenetics, the history of the human race is studied, a genealogical tree is compiled, and an appropriate forecast is made on the basis of these studies. Each person has a unique genetic code that determines the presence or absence of certain inherited diseases, as well as the peculiarities of a person’s thinking and behavior. Scientists involved in psychogenetics, exploring the history of the genus, identify certain patterns that have taken place and repeated from generation to generation. These data allow us to develop a model of undesirable behavior for a certain person, to predict and reveal the features of his character. It should be noted that awareness of the peculiarities of one’s own character, its strengths and weaknesses, awareness of undesirable patterns of behavior in the family and in relationships with other people can change a person’s life for the better, prevent the occurrence of undesirable situations that could take place. So, a specialist in psychogenetics helps a person become more self-confident, learn and overcome undesirable features of character and behavior, find ways to solve any life problems, regardless of their level of complexity. As a rule, work with a client begins with his detailed questioning about significant family events, after which the specialist compiles the history of the family, analyzes it, and looks for certain patterns. Based on this work, a certain strategy is being developed to overcome the negative genetic influence.

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