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What is the best 3G modem?


With the modern pace of life, some people who are rarely at home need a 3G modem. Let’s see which modem is right for you.

First, remember right away: you won’t have such a high Internet speed as a cable or WiFi router can provide, and you are unlikely to be able to download several movies a day. The speed of the Internet through a modem, as a rule, does not reach more than 12 Mbps. But if you do not need more than social networking, watching small videos, and listening to songs, then the modem is just what you need.

When choosing a modem, in no case do not look only at its speed. The most important thing is traffic. For example, for a modem with a speed of up to 12 Mbps, the traffic is likely to be small, it is usually 4 or 8 GB (for comparison: one hour and a half movie in average quality takes about 2.5 GB). After you download, for example, 2 films, the Internet speed will drop to very small numbers, it will be no more than 1 Mbps, and the remaining days of the month you will suffer, looking at slowly loading Internet pages. Therefore, it is better to choose a small speed, but a lot of traffic. You are unlikely to find a modem without traffic limitation, at least I don’t know such a thing.

Remember that the speed of the Internet is highly dependent on the area in which you are. In the city center, it will reach a maximum, but if you go to your country house, out of town, then it is quite possible that the speed will be extremely low.

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