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How to install Instagram on a computer?


The world of modern technologies pleases us almost every day with new discoveries. So, thanks to the appearance of the full version of Instagram for a computer, many have even more opportunities not only for relaxation, but also for productive work.

Benefits of Instagram for PC

Today, almost everyone knows about the existence of such a program as Instagram, no doubt, most people prefer to install it on their phone, but one should not forget about the possibility of installing it on a computer. The advantages of using such a program on a computer include the following points:

  • there is no need to install on a mobile phone;
  • it becomes possible to take better photos using Photoshop, process them, and only then put them on social networks;
  • it is much more convenient to use at work, for example, SMM managers do not have other gadgets at their disposal.

How to install Instagram on a computer?

Thanks to the instagram program for a computer, a person can independently manage their own acanthus and be socially active, which is expressed in the following actions:

  • write comments to various photo and video files;
  • put likes;
  • add hashtags;
  • search for photographs of interest;
  • quickly search for users;
  • manage your own subscriptions.

When installing this program, special attention should be paid to the language, if you only need the Russian language, then it is best to use online services such as Stapico or Websta. And also, one should not forget about such an important opportunity as recording a live broadcast on Instagram.

The user of such a service can send messages not only to one person, but also to several subscribers at once. In addition, it is possible to send interesting publications that you saw in the feed in the form of a message to other people.

Watch the video on how to install Instagram on PC using an Android emulator.

Installation steps for the Instagram app for PC

At first glance it may seem that this is a complicated process, but in fact it is not. The most important thing is to clearly and step by step perform all the actions. The stages of work are as follows:

  • download instagram emulator for computer bluestacks. This application works on all even the newest versions of Windows;

  • then you need to install this application. No need to change settings, just always click Continue or Next during installation. When the installation is finished, this application will start working by itself. Then you will see two new icons on your desktop:

  • entering personal data. You must enter an email address and password;

  • re-entry of personal data. Repeat the procedure only in another window;

  • you will see the "Let’s go" button, which you need to click on;

  • after installation, choose the most convenient registration method for you. You can do this procedure using your Facebook account.

How to install Instagram on a computer?

Upon completion, you get the opportunity to manage the program without getting up from your desktop. It should be said that most of the characteristic disadvantages of the emulator include high resource consumption, but one of its advantages is the ability to enter Direct Instagram through a PC.

Using Instagram Through a Browser

If you have a desire to use Instagram for a computer through a browser, then for this it is better to choose one of such sites as:

If this is your first time using this service, then you should enter your username and password under which you are registered on Instagram. Only in this case, the following functions will open before you:

  • the ability to view photos of other users of this social network;
  • comment on photos;
  • put likes;
  • review interesting tags;
  • read different posts
  • adjust the number of your subscribers.

But, keep in mind that all this will only work if there is an Internet connection. Otherwise, you can forget about working with this service. After registering and logging into an account, they usually begin to fill out a profile, and then search for people on Instagram by name.

How to install Instagram on a computer?

Characteristic differences from the web version

Most recently, Instagram pleased its users with a new official application for PCs, as well as gadgets on Windows 10. The new version of Instagram for computers is completely free, because after you download it, it is installed on your computer, ready to use. Important differences from the web version include the following points:

  • various notifications will periodically appear on the PC when one of your users sent you a message in Direct. And also, such notifications will appear even if one of the users has launched a live broadcast;
  • from a PC, you can easily correspond with messages that come in Direct;
  • it is possible to watch live broadcasts (but, unfortunately, you yourself will not be able to start your broadcast);
  • it is possible to watch, as well as create stories on your own (but for this you need to enable a special boomerang mode or free hands);
  • you get the ability to access the items "Photos with you", and you can also review the "Saved images". In parallel, if necessary, you can add or delete photos in the "Saved" section; 

In addition to differences, there are also similar points, so the user can, as in the web version, watch his news feed, write responses to various comments, and like. Look for new people to subscribe to them, or unsubscribe from old subscribers. But, as a serious drawback, one can name the inability to add new photos, usually through a computer.

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