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What temperature should be in the refrigerator: everything for the safety of food


Have you bought a new refrigerator, and the food in it spoils very quickly? Or, on the contrary, do they freeze? Or maybe the new unit is just defective? And what temperature should the refrigerator be? Probably many people have asked similar questions.

So let’s see: how to properly store food in the refrigerator, what temperature should be set in the refrigerator and freezer, whether to change the temperature set when buying a refrigerator. For all refrigerators, regardless of the manufacturer and model, optimal temperature conditions are determined.

Temperature in the freezer

So, in freezers, the temperature should not be lower than -30 degrees. Lower temperatures are only possible in industrial cold stores, where products are subjected to very deep freezing. For household refrigerators, it will be enough to set the temperature in the range from -20 to -25 degrees. For most products, this is sufficient. Raising the temperature in the freezer higher is not recommended, as food stored in the freezer may deteriorate.

Temperature in refrigerator compartment

The refrigerator compartment is intended only for short-term storage of the products located there, and therefore it should not be below zero degrees Celsius. As a rule, in the refrigerator compartment, the temperature is set from 3 to 8 degrees.

When storing food in the refrigerator, it should be taken into account that the temperature at different levels of the refrigerator compartment differs from each other. So, the lowest temperature is on the bottom shelf, since warm air always rises. And, therefore, on the top shelf there will be a higher temperature.

In some new models of refrigerators, a knob is installed in each section to control the temperature. If your food is quickly losing freshness, you can lower the temperature in the refrigerator compartment by one degree. If, on the contrary, the products freeze slightly, then the temperature should be increased, if possible, also by one degree.

Rules for storing food in the refrigerator

To keep food fresh longer, you need to adhere to the following rules. 

  • All products must be kept in packaging or in bags, this will help save them from premature spoilage, drying out and will not allow them to absorb foreign odors. 
  • Ready meals are best stored in enameled dishes, which must be closed with a lid. 
  • Products are also recommended to be wrapped in foil, which will prevent them from drying out. 
  • Fatty foods (such as lard, sausage, bacon, fried fish, etc.) must be wrapped in foil or cling film so that their smell does not spread throughout the refrigerator. 
  • It is recommended to keep juices and other drinks away from the freezer – it is best to put them in the side compartment of the door. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are best stored at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment, and perishable foods on the upper shelves.

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