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SMM business promotion in social networks (restaurant, bar, hotel)


It is possible to promote a business in social networks using two main methods – SMM and SMO.

SMM is the promotion of business in social networks in order to attract the target audience.

SMO – measures to attract the target audience of social networks to your site. SMO is the optimization of a site for social networks, aimed at making the use of the site more convenient and attractive for the audience of social networks and services. As the main tools for integration with social networks, sites use installed widgets and social media buttons, targeted advertising in social networks.

The effect of promotion in social networks will be felt only by those companies whose target audience spends time in social networks.

SMM business promotion in social networks (restaurant, bar, hotel)Many owners of restaurants, bars or cafes advertise their establishments on the Internet, which allows them to significantly improve their efficiency. Promoting a restaurant in social networks does not require large financial investments and time, therefore it is considered a fairly convenient and effective method. From the point of view of promotion in social networks, a restaurant, bar or cafe does not have a significant difference between them. You can promote any of these establishments in the following simple ways:

  • Social media management tools like Hootsuite make it easy for restaurant owners to track opinions and conversations about their restaurant or bar. Participate in the discussion of your institution, respond to people’s comments, make reposts.
  • Do not ignore both positive and negative customer reviews about your establishment on social networks. You need constant interaction with your customers who have any complaints. Complaints should always be answered and solutions offered. This way you will be able to manage the reputation of your business in social networks.
  • To attract visual fans, it is advisable to post a photo of the menu or some special drink on social networks. At the same time, it should be remembered that photographs should cause not only heated discussions, but also appetite.   
  • Use services that allow you to quickly and easily tell customers about your promotions. Or leave links manually.
  • To make the restaurant business promotion in social networks more effective, it is recommended to create a status on the page about free dishes or a gift certificate for the first 20 users who clicked "Like" or wrote a comment under your offer. Such a ripple effect will attract your customers, as well as their friends, in whose news feeds your offer will appear.

SMM business promotion in social networks (restaurant, bar, hotel)

  • A good advertisement for a bar or restaurant can be a positive review about one of the employees of the establishment. Thus, you can celebrate the best employees on a monthly basis, briefly talk about the history of their achievements. By spreading positive news about your employees, you will not only increase the "morale" of the team, but also the level of your institution.
  • For a more active interaction with customers, share videos and photos of events that could evoke emotions.

An issue such as promoting a bar or restaurant on social media should be approached using unconventional, creative and cost-effective measures. It must be remembered that new ideas always look more advantageous than traditional approaches.

Using online advertising, like any other type of advertising, will attract visitors only for the first time. And the further opinion that they will have when visiting your institution can only be affected by the quality of the services provided.

Video about the promotion of the restaurant in social networks

Internet marketing also allows you to increase the number of hotel bookings. Currently, potential customers of the hotel business, living thousands of kilometers away, have a great opportunity to come on vacation or business trips to rooms booked in advance via the Internet. Hotel promotion in social networks provides the following opportunities to increase sales:

  • Creation of a hotel website with a direct sales channel and a booking system for those tourists who prepare for their trips on their own.

  • Even those travelers who usually use the services of travel agencies almost always try to find information about the hotel offered to them on the web in order to have an idea in what conditions they will spend their vacation.

  • High-quality online advertising through social networks can contribute to the fact that not only individual customers, but also intermediaries or agencies, which later turned into regular customers’ suppliers, will visit the hotel.

SMM business promotion in social networks (restaurant, bar, hotel)Users need to be motivated to self-advertise your hotel, which will attract new customers. This can be achieved, for example, by organizing a photo contest, the winners of which will receive the opportunity to stay in one of the rooms for free. To become a winner, the user must be added as a friend on the hotel page and upload a thematic photo. During the competition, he needs to collect the largest number of votes "for" and comments. As statistics show, such events can significantly increase the number of bookings.

It should be noted that the most common promotion mistake is limiting SMM companies and targeting them only to potential customers. You should not restrict access to your page to foreigners and other visitors who, most likely, will never visit your hotel. The more subscribers will be involved in the dialogue, the more feedback and impressions you will get about your hotel, which is one of the most important conditions for the effective promotion of your establishment.

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