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What not to give for a birthday


Birthday only once a year

Birthday is a special holiday. This day marks the moment when a person was born, when his life began. And every year he celebrates this event, arranging a fun holiday in the circle of the people closest to him. But at the same time, they say that a birthday is a sad holiday. Indeed, on this day, a person thinks a lot about becoming a year older, analyzes what he has today, what he managed to achieve, which dreams and plans came true and which did not. How not to make this holiday even sadder for the birthday man and not make mistakes in choosing a gift.

What not to give for a birthday

What can not be given on a birthday

This question is actually not that difficult. You can answer it by putting yourself in the place of a person. Of course, this method is not universal, because we are special individuals with our own needs and desires, and yet after reading this article, you will understand that you yourself did not want to receive gifts that you should not give for your birthday.

If you were invited to such a personal holiday, then you are included in the circle of close people, whose attention, of course, is very important for the hero of the occasion. Therefore, do not be too lazy to choose a really worthy gift, while its price does not matter.

First of all, you should not give personal care items such as shower gels, shampoos, creams, cosmetics, perfumes. Firstly, these things are usually chosen by a person, and especially a woman, for a long time and scrupulously, secondly, such a present can be perceived as a hint at some shortcomings in the appearance of the birthday man, or insufficient self-care, and thirdly, the components of cosmetics can cause an allergy about which you couldn’t know. The exception is gifts that your friend has long dreamed of – whether it’s your favorite perfume or tried, but expensive shampoo.

We do not recommend giving animals. Even if you often heard about how he dreams of a dog, a cat, a parrot, a fish or a hamster, the fact that the pet has not yet been acquired still has some reasons – the same allergy, an elementary lack of time to care for. Instead, you can give a soft toy in the form of such an animal or a book on caring for him – so your friend can prepare for his acquisition.

What not to give for a birthday

Gift tips

There is a sign that many people believe in – you can’t give a watch as a gift. Watches are considered a symbol of the countdown of time that a person has left to live in this world, so you should not take risks and buy this accessory. If your friend has long dreamed of a watch, let him buy it for himself – you can donate money or a gift certificate to this store

Speaking of certificates, it should be noted that you also need to be careful with them and know the attitude of a person towards such gifts. Someone treats such gifts with indignation – they say “they didn’t want to strain, they managed with a certificate or money", but many, on the contrary, would be happy with such a gift. since freedom of choice is the main thing for them

Another point about birthday gifts. Not the most pleasant gift is an item that will be used not only by the birthday person, but also by his family members or friends. All kinds of board games, appliances, interior items and so on

When choosing a gift – remember, it should express how well you know the person, how kindly you treat him and love him, your gift should make his life at least a little better and happier

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