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Energy-saving lamps: are they safe?


Energy-saving lamps have been in great demand in recent years, because the issue of saving electricity does not lose its relevance, but only gains momentum. Rising electricity prices make the use of energy-saving technology a completely justified phenomenon.

Why are energy-saving lamps so beneficial and convenient?

  • they have five times the luminous efficacy of incandescent lamps. Therefore, a 20W energy-saving lamp shines the same way as a 100W incandescent lamp. The savings are impressive – 80%;
  • their service life is much longer than the service life of incandescent lamps;
  • these lamps do not waste their energy on heating, so they are safely used in lamps and table lamps with plastic parts;
  • the consumer is free to choose the color of the glow: natural, daylight and warm. Natural is suitable for a workspace where concentration is needed, warm for living spaces, and daylight for large areas;
  • they are not so fragile.

However, energy-saving lamps require special operating conditions: they do not like frequent switching on and off, as they take 1-2 minutes to warm up. A dimmer switch is not suitable for these lamps, which limits their use, for example, in a bedroom or children’s room, where subdued light is simply necessary. Do not use energy-saving lamps in rooms with low temperatures.

Does an energy-saving lamp pose a potential hazard?

Any innovations that enter a person’s life cause not only interest, but also fears, and in the case of energy-saving lamps. Yes, there are some restrictions on their use, rules of operation and disposal, following which, you can avoid danger.

So, dermatologists advise people with skin diseases and increased skin sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation to stay at least 30 cm from the lamp. This type of lamp should be disposed of immediately after the end of its service life.

Everyone should know what to do if an energy-saving lamp breaks. Since it contains mercury, you need to remove children, animals from the room and open the window. Urgent cleaning will be required: you can collect fragments only with cardboard, paper, adhesive tape and a damp cloth. The fragments must be folded into a bag, tightly tied and thrown into a container in the open air. The use of a vacuum cleaner and a broom is strictly prohibited.

As you can see, energy-saving lamps are a great invention that allows you to save electricity, and, accordingly, your money. They are effective and safe, the main thing is to use them correctly.

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