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What to do if you forgot your Instagram password?


Instagram is becoming more and more popular day by day, it is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Millions of people from different countries are registered on Instagram and use it to post photos and videos. For many, this has become a serious means of earning money, and not only celebrity pages, but also pet pages, food recipes or travel blogs are popular. Indeed, Instagram has firmly entered our daily lives. But what if at one point you find that you can’t access your account? Most importantly, don’t worry. In this article, we will analyze in detail what to do if you forgot your Instagram password.

What to do if you forgot your Instagram password?

How to enter Instagram if you forgot your password?

Currently, almost every person has so many accounts on the Internet that it is simply impossible to remember the login data from each of them and keep them in your head. Therefore, quite often there are situations when it is possible to lose access to your own page. This is very unpleasant, but the creators of social networks are also people, they also faced similar problems and were able to figure out how to recover an Instagram password using a phone number. This does not take much time, but, however, this option is less popular, so often when you log in you can immediately see a link – “I don’t remember my password", which will help you easily change it.

It is worth mentioning that there are several ways at once how to log into Instagram from a computer if you forgot your password. Recovery is possible using the following tools:

Watch the video on how to reset your Instagram password.

Things are a little more complicated if you do not want to restore an account to which you have lost access, but want to delete it.

How to find out the password on Instagram if you forgot?

Unfortunately, there is no way to find out the old password if you don’t remember it. It is only possible to change it to a new one. It is also important not to rush, you can try to enter various options as many times as you like, perhaps one of them will turn out to be correct, then you won’t have to restore anything.

What to do if you forgot your Instagram password?

What to do if you forgot your Instagram password and the mail that was specified when registering on Facebook? This happens quite often, so there is an additional option to restore access to your account – using a mobile phone number. This option is also available during registration, you can attach your mobile phone number, so that later you can use it to confirm the entry or any changes.

Despite the abundance of options thought out in advance by the developers of the social network, many people still puzzle over the question – what to do if you forgot your Instagram username and password? There is an approximate algorithm of actions in this case:

Remember that there are no hopeless situations. If none of the methods for restoring access worked, you can write directly to technical support, describe the essence of the problem, and they will definitely try to help.

Some nuances

There are certain differences in how it is possible to log into Instagram if you forgot your password through your phone. But in general, the algorithm is approximately the same, just when redirecting to the data change page, the mobile version of the site will be opened, and not the application.

What to do if you forgot your Instagram password?

There are also a number of reasons why you may not be able to enter your page:

  • the page was hacked by attackers who deliberately changed the login details. This is fixable, you just need to change them again, it would also be best to change the data of the mail, which, as most often happens, was hacked initially;
  • the page was blocked by the administration on suspicion of carrying out actions contrary to the rules of this social network. In this case, unlocking is not possible, you need to contact technical support for clarification;
  • there is a temporary technical failure, in this case, not only you, but also many other users cannot get into your account. Usually such problems are solved quite quickly, you should try to log in again after a couple of minutes;
  • you really forgot your Instagram password and mail, what to do in such a situation is described above in the article.

If you want to know how to delete an Instagram account if you forgot your password, the answer is simple – no way. First you need to restore access to your account. How to do this, we have described above.