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How to choose a hair straightener – we trust our curls to a quality device


In recent years, hairstyles with long hair have become insanely popular as the demand for extensions has grown. To quickly and beautifully style your hair, you will need special tools and devices, including a flat iron. How to choose it correctly so that it becomes a reliable assistant for many years?

Dealing with the manufacturer

If, when buying other appliances, this is the last thing they pay attention to, then for ironing this is one of the main criteria. Do not save and do not buy devices of unknown brands, low cost can play a cruel joke on you, the iron can be of poor quality and will quickly break. Give preference to global manufacturers such as Remington, Rowenta, Vitek, Bosch and others. Before choosing a hair straightener, you can find out more information about these companies and read reviews.

The main thing is the work surface

Only usability can compete in importance with this criterion. Before buying, decide right away what kind of coverage you would like, are you ready to pay more for quality material or do you prefer to save money?

7 types of coatings – we give an assessment to each

metal surface

The most economical option, but it is almost impossible to find it now. Such irons heat up for a long time, and when used, they often dry out and burn the hair.

tourmaline coating

During operation, it eliminates static electricity due to negative ions. A woman who uses irons regularly knows how important this is.

ceramic coating

Used for a long time, it has become the heir to the metal surface. An iron with such plates glides well through the hair and does not burn them. You can watch a video on how to choose a hair straightener, which talks about various coatings, including ceramic.


It works like ceramic, but you do not have to constantly clean the plates from the used cosmetics.


It heats up to a gentle temperature and does not damage the hair, but even gives it shine and a healthy look. However, you won’t be able to buy them in a regular household appliance store, you will have to contact specialized companies – such irons are professional.

Important parameters

  • Temperature regulator. All modern models are equipped with the function of setting the required temperature for a particular type of hair. Which iron to choose for hair if it is dry and weakened? It is better to give preference to a model that has gentle modes and indicates the exact temperature of the plates on the scoreboard. The minimum on almost all devices ranges from 80 to 120.
  • The width of the working surface. This size depends entirely on the splendor and length of the curls. If they are thin and short, then you can buy an iron with a plate from 1.5 to 3 cm, and if they are thick and naughty, then from 4 to 8.
  • Ease of use. This criterion depends only on the personal preferences of the future owner, but before buying, take the device in your hands, is it comfortable for you to hold it, wait 2-3 minutes, if your hand is tired. Remember that flat ironing takes at least 20 minutes, so ease of use is the key to a beautiful hairstyle and smooth hair.

Before buying, do not forget to evaluate the dimensions of the device and additional accessories, for example, a bag in which you can store the iron, additional nozzles, etc. If you may need the device on the road, then choose a compact size. Pay attention to all the criteria and get a reliable assistant to whom you can trust your hair for many years without a doubt.