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How to quickly and easily connect a digital TV to a computer?


Television occupies a strong place in the life of every person, and the lack of information about one day lived by the planet threatens to develop into a real information hunger. But the capabilities of the device do not end there, improving every year, LCD and plasma TVs allow you to watch movies, videos and photos, chat on social networks and skype. And for this you just need to know how to connect a TV to a computer as a monitor.

How to connect a digital TV: methods and solutions

You can connect to a computer only LCD TVs that have the necessary outputs on the back or side panel. And each connection option will require separate types of cables. The most popular types of connectors:

  • HDMI;
  • Two;
  • VGA;
  • SCART;
  • YUV.

They all look different, but the type of digital signal is almost identical. Another interesting thing is the ability to combine all the connectors through a special video signal adapter, depending on the computer interface and the available outputs on the TV.

How to quickly and easily connect a digital TV to a computer?

To choose the best option for how to connect a digital TV, you need to carefully study and compare the available outputs and ports on the TV and computer: a match will be the best way to connect.

If there are no matches at all, then the best option would be to buy a cable with a DVI plug on one end and HDMI on the other, which will allow you to connect several assorted connectors.

How to quickly and easily connect a digital TV to a computer?

How to connect a TV to a computer: connection features with different connectors

It is important to remember that not all ports are created equal. For example, standard outputs such as Scart, Video and S-Video are not suitable for connecting more diagonal TVs, since the quality of the received signal will be characterized by a fuzzy picture. As for the other ports, the HDMI port is the best option, since the latest TVs and PCs have several of these connectors on the case. Connecting via DVI output with an incompatible video card may block audio transmission if there is no proper adapter for audio from a DVI to HDMI stream. VGA and YUV connectors are typical for older computers, which will complicate the search for a suitable adapter.

Having wondered how to connect a TV to a computer, it is important not only to choose the right cable, but also to make the transition settings on the PC itself by selecting the “second monitor" option for the connected TV.

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