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Increasing China’s solar power



The Chinese state was recognized as the world’s largest producer of solar energy. Such data was given by the National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China. As evidence, the organization claims that the capacity of all environmentally friendly power plants installed on Chinese territory has reached 77.42 GW, which has not been recorded before in the world. 

The development of this area is associated with the maintenance of an environmental program, which is implemented in the conditions of large settlements due to the large number of stations operating on the basis of coal and poisoning the air. 
It is worth considering that the figure of 77.42 GW represents 1% of the total volume of electricity produced in the state. But the active implementation of the program in the future will be able to contribute to an increase in its share in the entire Chinese energy balance. 

Representatives of the same organization predict an increase in the capacity of generated energy up to 110 GW in 3 years. And by 2030, they set themselves the goal of generating up to 20% of electrical energy.

Increasing China's solar power

China: solar power plants

High rates of alternative electricity generation are achieved thanks to the arrangement of parks operating on the warmth of the sun in China. Huanghe Park specializes in converting alternative heat into electricity. It is located in the hottest point of the Chinese state – Qinghai Province, thanks to which it has the highest productivity. In addition to this park, there are other sites responsible for generating energy.

For example, an energy farm, also located in Qinghai, in the northwest of China. This plant was founded by a subsidiary of the Nuclear Energy Corporation, located in Gaudong. 

The park in Ningsa is located on a high desert zone, where an increased level of sun insolation is provided. The area of ​​the station is 2.3 square kilometers. Interestingly, in addition to collecting energy, the station provides a slowdown in the process of evaporation of surface water, helps in the greening of deserts, which is very important for China.

Increasing China's solar power

China: solar power for the railway

The development of electricity production using the heat of the sun allows China to take care of the environment and its resources, as well as significantly rise in the economic rankings. The progress of alternative energy has reached the point that with the help of such electricity, the functioning of the Chinese railway station, which is located in the village of Nanjing, is ensured. 

For this purpose, solar heat absorbing modules with a capacity of 7 MW were installed all over the roof surface of the Nanjing South Station railway station. For the supply of such modules, an agreement was signed between the Chinese company Sunenergy and the China Eclectic Equipment Group Corporation, abbreviated as CEEG.

With the help of such equipment, the Nanjing railway station has become the most powerful energy-efficient office building located on Chinese territory. The same modules are equipped with the Hongqiao station, located in Shanghai. Its roof is capable of generating 6.7 MW of electricity. 

In this video, experts talk about the profitability of solar panels. 

China: solar panels

At this stage of development, China ranks second, behind Germany, in terms of electricity generated by solar panels. Among the largest suppliers of such batteries and their components are:

Increasing China's solar power

Experts in this field argue that it is necessary to allocate desert areas for the installation of ecological batteries, which include:

In these territories, the construction of large photovoltaic, as well as solar thermal stations, included in the Chinese energy grid, is predicted. The greatest attention in planned construction is paid to Xinjiang, since its territories are characterized by favorable natural conditions, as well as an optimal climate. Interestingly, a power line was built in Xinjiang connecting the province with the city of Zhengzhou, located at a distance of 2210 kilometers. With the help of this line, the process of transmission of environmentally friendly electricity is ensured. 

Increasing China's solar power

China: solar energy positive features

When developing an alternative energy project, the PRC pursues the following goals: 

Today, China is far ahead of world powers in terms of the number of panels installed. Such indicators are mainly achieved through investments transferred to the development of alternative energy. 

For the development of China, the creation of cheap panels that absorb the heat of the sun, which are supplied to various countries, also plays a role. With the help of such modules, it becomes possible to produce electricity from environmentally friendly sources. By the way, in order to achieve superiority in the field of supplying these energy batteries abroad, the director of the largest corporation for their production said in his interview that his company is ready to reduce the price of modules that absorb solar heat by half, which will allow him to squeeze out competitors. Interestingly, such a price is not even able to recoup the cost of materials that were used to manufacture energy devices, not to mention the amount of labor costs.