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Is it possible to make an artificial cloud?


At the moment, humanity has very successfully mastered the knowledge of dispersing clouds and even often puts them into practice, but global warming and the subsequent abnormal heat have made their own adjustments to the plans of scientists. Namely: the question arose of creating an artificial cloud capable of protecting the Earth from the scorching rays of the sun.

In fact, a man-made clone of the cloud already exists. It was first presented at Expo-2002 and is now located in Switzerland, on Lake Neuchâtel. In terms of its physical properties, such an artificial cloud differs little from its celestial counterpart. The principle of its work is simple. A structure built on piles, towering over the lake, with the help of 13,000 nozzles, converts water into steam and, in fact, such a beautiful cloud is obtained.

The next example of an artificial cloud we can soon see at the London Olympics in 2012. On long racks, which will be about 120 m high, multiple transparent polymer bubbles made of tetrafluoroethylene will be fixed. The construction is planned to be installed in the Olympic Village, as well as on observation platforms, which will enable athletes and guests of London to relax under the shadow of the "clouds".

The "bronze" place among artificial clouds will probably belong to the Qatar cloud. In preparation for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatari scientists decided to start developing and creating an artificial cloud. According to their plan, the cloud should soar over the stadium, saving the players and fans from the merciless sun. The cloud will consist of helium-filled carbon fiber, and the engines of four large helical blades powered by solar energy will help it rise into the air.

Probably, in the near future, artificial clouds will come to the service of man, and he will command them using a conventional remote control. How to know? But the nostalgia for the "white-winged horses" rushing somewhere into the distance will probably continue.

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