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Online storage for files


In a specific article, we will talk about the nine most popular cloud storages of information data, which are suitable for a variety of purposes. Such information is constantly changing, but, nevertheless, it is possible to determine the most useful and significant. All storage facilities can be divided according to certain criteria, the main of which are:

So, the most popular are such online file storages, free of charge without registration (or registration, which is not required, since a person already has access with a high degree of probability):

  • Online file storage for free from;
  • Online storage called Mega;
  • MediaFire online storage;
  • Online storage called SkyDrive;
  • Online storage called Copy;
  • Online storage called 4Sync;
  • Online storage called Google Drive;
  • Online storage called Dropbox;
  • Online storage called Yandex Disk, domestic production.

Cloud storage

The least trustworthy cloud storage, since no one can vouch for the safety of the information stored there. Nevertheless, provides twenty-five gigabytes to each user of electronic mail almost from Mail, which means that, theoretically, it can be ranked among those virtual space reservoirs that are online file storages without registration. A specific cloud is constantly evolving and progressing, paying attention to each problem and quickly finding its solution.

Online storage for files

Cloud Storage Mega

A specific storage of pdf files online, as well as files of all other directions and formats, provides users with about fifty gigabytes and provides its services to everyone. A particular repository has its own client, and also a fairly simple and intuitive interface. To obtain your own fifty hectares, you do not need to make any additional gestures – just go through the registration process and that’s it.

MediaFire online storage

During the initial registration, the user immediately receives about ten gigabytes. Further, a registered user has the opportunity to receive another eight gigabytes for sharing the link on Vkontakte and other social networks, for installing their own client and when other conditions are met. Further, after a specific 18 gigabytes of personal Internet space, in order to further expand the storage, it is required to attract new users to the resource through referral links – each new referred user adds about one gigabyte of space to their own storage. As a result, the storage will have a capacity of fifty gigabytes.

Online storage called SkyDrive

The specific vault is a Microsoft product. The biggest plus and main advantage is that there is close integration with its own operating system, which is located on a home personal computer. Those who have a license, especially Windows 8 and 8.1, immediately receive about twenty-five gigabytes at their disposal. All other users get only seven.

Online storage for files

Online storage called Copy

It is a classic and familiar to many cloud online storage of data arrays with all the necessary functionality inside. Initially, about fifteen gigabytes of space is provided at the user’s full disposal. Files are encrypted and all popular desktop and mobile operating systems are supported.

Online storage called 4Sync

Not the most popular and popularized online repository for information. Nevertheless, it is quite standard in terms of its functionality and quite reliable. There are all the necessary extensions, including that it functions quite normally with less popular phone operating systems, such as Blackberry and Symbion. Initially – fifteen gigabytes, then you need to pay.

See the video below for which cloud storage is best.

Online storage called Google Drive

A specific storage of information on the Internet can also be attributed to the classic variations. Its entire interface is intuitive, the functions that an average user may need are also in place. In addition – there is additional functionality, for example – when storing pictures – directly without leaving the Google storage, it is possible to edit images and watch videos online, without downloading. About fifteen gigabytes of space is provided. In order to receive them for personal use, you need to register in their mail.

Online storage for files

Online storage called Dropbox

A specific resource can be called the ancestor of all currently available cloud storages. But, of the minuses – it has the smallest, in comparison with others, the size of the storage provided. When registering, only two gigabytes are given. Further, it is possible to expand your own space up to sixteen.

Online storage called Yandex Disk

Specific storage is almost a complete analogue of cloud storage from Google. However, all other products from Yandex are fully integrated into a particular Disk, without any exceptions or limitations. It supports all operating systems for portable computers, including Linux, which is especially convenient for many citizens of the Russian Federation. The storage comes standard at ten gigabytes, and getting a specific location requires you to become the owner of their mailbox.