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Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips


Apple has pleased its users with the release of a new version of the operating system called IOS 10. Many have been waiting for this update, and now it is available for Apple devices. With the update, new features have also appeared, which, of course, will appeal to many. Below you can read the review of iOS 10, get acquainted with its new features and capabilities.

It is worth noting right away that the new iOS 10 will not be supported by devices equipped with the Apple A5 processor, these include:

  • iPhone 4s;
  • iPad 2;
  • iPad 3;
  • iPad mini;
  • iPod touch 5.

Lock screen and apps

Let’s start with the lock screen, it has changed, now there are widgets on the left, and the camera on the right. Everyone’s familiar swipe unlock is no longer present in the system. To unlock the screen, double-tap the Home button.Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips

After unlocking the screen, we are greeted by all the same application icons, but now it is possible to remove system applications. Thanks to this, you can delete those that you do not use to free up the internal space of your device. When entering applications or folders, the animation has become faster, it looks very nice. For Iphone 6 and 6s, it became possible to wake the phone from sleep mode at the moment when you take your smartphone from the table.

Also, in devices that support 3D Touch, the possibility of quick application settings has changed. During a strong press on the application icon, not just a context menu opens, but additional information from the application is also displayed. For example, you can view information about your activity without opening the application, or if you ordered an Uber taxi, see where the car is going.Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips

The control center has also changed, it has been redrawn, and it has support for 3D Touch. With the new iOS, the iPad has the ability to open two tabs in the browser in parallel to each other, the same can be done in the Apple Music app.

The clock and alarm application has changed, it has received a dark theme. Now you can both set the start time of sleep, and set its duration. The application will monitor your sleep, display information about how much you slept.

Photos app

The photo app has also received some changes. Now, your photos are selected and some of them are sorted into a separate category "Memories". In it, you can create automatic videos based on selected photos.

To all this, Apple built a whole neural network and taught the device to see. Thanks to this, you can write what should be shown in the photo, and your gadget, after analyzing all your photos, will be able to find a photo with this subject.Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips


Notifications received new features and began to understand the context. If you receive a message, iOS offers a response to it. Also, you can drag the notification down and you will see the previous correspondence with this person, this is done so that you can understand what you corresponded about earlier.

It is now possible to view notifications using 3D Touch, and you can also delete all notifications for certain days.

Mail and maps

The mail app has received a change. It has learned to sort chains of letters into a conversation. Thanks to this, finding all emails from one user has become much easier. The Maps application has been improved. Now, from below you can see the temperature, and in the “Nearby" section, sorting by sections has appeared. The application interface itself has become more pleasant and even more intuitive for the user.

Correspondence and calls

iMessage has undergone a big change. Now, in it you can choose the effects with which you want messages to be sent. You can choose their emotionality so that they come to the interlocutor with a strong clap or somehow more carefully. In addition, you can choose the animation with which messages will come.Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips

The application has the ability to draw. You can draw some text and it will appear exactly as you drew it. Right in the application has its own store, where you can choose from different animations. An interesting "trick" is the ability to send a message, to see which, you need to swipe through it. The sound of the keyboard has become different, it sounds new and pleasant.

Russian localization appeared in the dialer. It also became possible, in case you dialed an unnecessary number, to move to it and delete it. Now, you do not need to delete all dialed digits. Various applications for calls (Skype, Viber and others) began to be displayed on the screen in the same way as a regular phone dialer.


The Siri app has its own icon in the settings, and it also has the ability to select a male voice. To all this, it was opened for developers, which will allow it to "make friends" with new applications. Siri has received new hidden features. For example, you can ask her to take a selfie, after which the camera will launch and a picture will be taken.


The Apple Music app has completely changed, redesigned and added new features. Now, there is a sorting of music by day, a separate category for downloaded audio recordings. Using the application has become much more convenient.Overview of iOS 10 and its new chips

There are a lot of changes in the new iOS 10, it’s impossible to list them all in a short article. New features have brought to the operating system everything that makes it easier to use the device, make the interface better and more diverse. What only one iMessage is worth, communication is moving to a new level, chatting has become very funny. In correspondence, you will be able to show your emotions, diversify the correspondence with drawings that the interlocutor will see exactly in the same form as you drew him.

The new version of the "apple" operating system brings only positive emotions, it is worth installing, especially since you will not have problems with installation, everything happens quickly and automatically.