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Remote control of light: fantasy becomes reality


The life of a modern person is becoming more and more comfortable and perfect, sometimes very similar to scenes from science fiction films of past decades. What then seemed like a miracle, a luxurious fairy tale, simply impossible in reality, today is accessible even to an ordinary man in the street. Remote control of light in an apartment, office or summer cottage is one of such amenities.

How is it managed

You can adjust the lighting in any way convenient for the owner.

  1. Remote control with graphic display. You no longer have to get up from the couch to dim the lights and create an intimate atmosphere in the room. Or return from the hallway to the bathroom if the lights were left on there. This is very convenient for owners of large cottages with garden plots, which are also equipped with illumination. Pressing one button – and the lantern at the gate for the arriving guests is lit. Another press and the lights flickered along the driveway, like in a fairy tale, and then the fountain flashed with iridescent tints.
  2. PDA. It works in a similar way, only you first need to download special software that also allows you to control household appliances, heating, CCTV cameras, etc.
  3. Mobile phone. And it became a reality! Even after leaving the city in a hurry, you can turn off the lights in your apartment or office with the help of a device. All this is possible thanks to a special offer that experts will install on your smartphone if you wish.
  4. Touchpad. Usually they are located in several rooms at the door in case the remote control is lost or it is inconvenient to carry it around. The panel contains a number of switches with remote control and manual at the same time. You can use the first or second method depending on the situation.

Remote control of light: fantasy becomes reality

What is this management method?

Light control remotely involves the regulation of lighting at a distance in any room or even a piece of land using the above devices. As a rule, it is included in the modern Smart Home system. Engineers develop an individual program for the needs of the client, which he can then adjust at his own discretion already on his own. These are functions such as "sleep", "rest", "complete shutdown", "morning", etc., provided both in individual rooms and throughout the house or apartment. 

This method of control in the office is very convenient – you can turn off the lights on the entire floor while sitting in your car in the parking lot. Given the time and energy savings, all the costs of installing such a system pay off with interest. You will spend once, but then you will pay many times less, and do more. Another plus is that you can install all this even after repair, without interfering with the interior design and damaging it.

Remote control of light: fantasy becomes reality

How much and where to order

The cost will depend on the manufacturer of the light remote control system, as well as the area of ​​​​the object, the number and functionality of lighting installations. Employees of specialized firms will help calculate all the costs of materials and installation work. 

As a rule, you can find out the approximate cost by phone or through an online consultant, and only then make an order. Since the development of the project and the installation of the system require certain knowledge, experience, painstaking and attention, you should only trust reputable companies that work with several manufacturers and give guarantees for the results of their activities.

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