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What affects the accuracy of the watch?


Our life is directly dependent on time. It defines everything. Your career, family life, vacations, victories and failures – all this is connected with a ticking mechanism. Every second matters to us. Someone will say that this particle of time does not play a big role, but how much can change in one moment, not to mention seconds and minutes. Not only the time itself is important, but also the accuracy of the clock. You can’t get to work on time or fly away on vacation if your clock isn’t accurate. Let’s try to figure out what affects the accuracy of the clock?

First, it all depends on the type of watch. If you have a mechanical watch, then its accuracy is regulated by the degree of winding. This degree is called isochronism. The better the mechanism, the smoother the clock. As for the new mechanism, it must work for 3-4 months, otherwise it will always be in a hurry, or lag behind by a few seconds. It should be remembered that the constant maximum winding of a mechanical watch is harmful. Sufficient winding is necessary, as excessive pressure on the spring leads to breakage.

Speaking of accuracy, they rather mean the error that the watch is capable of. That is, how much the course of the clock deviates from the reference at a certain time interval, usually per day. The error is influenced by a huge number of factors. It is impossible to list them all. It is known that the minimum error in quantum clocks. They are also called atomic. The record for time measurement accuracy belongs to mercury atomic clocks. Cesium clocks are in second place. They can lag behind or rush by only one second, and then in 70 million years of work without interruption. Mercury same – for 400 million years.

But, hardly anyone will keep an atomic or cesium clock at home. Mostly mechanical ones are used, since they are easier to work with and they are more reliable. Follow the winding rules and you will never arrive too early or late.

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