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When was it invented and what is a hoverboard?



For the first time, such an invention appeared in the film "Back to the Future 2", released by Robert Zemeckis. Interestingly, this film not only showed a flying invention, but also suggested the date of its creation – 2015. Indeed, in 2015, three companies presented their hoverbods on display, and, moreover, demonstrating them in action. 
The first Arx Pax model to appear belongs to Hendo. Interestingly, by 2016, this company had created a whole series of similar levitating platforms. This model was first shown in 2013. It consisted of two circles interconnected by a narrow main bar. Inside the circles were magnets, which, with the help of rotation, generated a force that promoted repulsion from the earth’s surface. The device was very noisy and could not lift a load of more than 27 kilograms into the air. A prerequisite for the flight of the device is its location above the metal coating.

When was it invented and what is a hoverboard?

Hoverboard: who invented it?

In addition to Arx Pax, other models developed by other companies were also released. The Lexus Slide is based on the principle of a magnet. Interestingly, outwardly Slide have a great resemblance to a regular skateboard. Inside the device is a structure made of superconducting materials that have zero resistance. The current passing through such structures forms a powerful magnetic field. Built-in superconductors have a significant drawback – they get very hot, and liquid nitrogen is required to cool them. 

ArcaBoard, developed by Arca Space, was unveiled at the end of 2015. The device is kept above the earth’s surface thanks to 36 built-in fans, the total power of which is 272 horsepower. However, the company did not put forward plans for the practical implementation of such an apparatus due to the fact that it is very difficult to manage it. 
The most practical models today are considered to be devices developed by Hendo. This is due to the fact that Hendo engineers are constantly improving previously invented developments, each time improving their characteristics.

When was it invented and what is a hoverboard?

Hoverboard: Flying Lighted Segway by Hendo

One of the most famous flying skateboards is the first hoverboard from Hendo. Its functionality was based on the principle of hovering maglev trains. The main difference between the design and the train is the possibility of its movement in different directions.

The skateboard functions when placed over a copper surface. Due to such a coating, a vortex flow arises, repelling electromagnets from the earth’s surface with the help of the generated magnetic field. Such a force is capable of holding a skateboard in the air at a height of 2.5 centimeters from the copper coating. 

Such a device was developed over 2 years by a team of 19 people. The charge on the board was enough for only 7 minutes, while the device was very noisy. Therefore, its developers are still working to improve their project, setting a goal for themselves: the creation of a model controlled from a smartphone. 

This video explains how the hoverboard works.

Hoverboard: flight recorded in the Guinness Book of Records

In Montreal, Catalin Alexandru Duru showed the effect of his flying invention, which weighs about 30 kilograms, in front of the audience. The device is made of a composite material, and they take energy from lithium batteries. Such a device is capable of lifting a man of average build into the air for 30 seconds. In total, the man flew 275 meters, which exceeded the previous record by 6 times, so this achievement was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

After some time, this record was broken by the world champions in jet ski racing – Frankie Zapata. The brainchild created by him and his team was presented to the public in 2016. The basis of the platform is 4 engines, each of which must ensure uninterrupted operation, otherwise the development becomes unmanageable and falls. The total power of all engines is 1000 horsepower, they run on kerosene, which is poured into a backpack tank located on the back of the pilot.

When was it invented and what is a hoverboard?

Frankie’s world record had the following figures:

According to the developer, such a levitating skateboard is capable of accelerating up to 95 km / h, as well as climbing to almost any height.

Hoverboard: Frankie Zapata’s flying transport – reality and plans

The developer is confident that his device is not safe to use above the earth’s surface, so his testing took place above the water. Therefore, the engineer plans to improve the flying model, namely, to supplement it with a backup security system. According to his idea, such a system should independently study electrical and mechanical impulses, fixing and eliminating platform malfunctions during its use. 

The technical characteristics of a flying skateboard allow you to climb up to a height of 3000 meters, and accelerate to 200 km / h. However, the development functions properly at speeds not exceeding 80 km / h, as well as at a height of not more than 35 meters. 

When was it invented and what is a hoverboard?

In the near future, the engineer exposes the following plans:

The solution of these problems will make it possible to use the hoverboard more widely, including above the earth’s surface. Most people who test such devices claim that the sensations received cannot be compared with any other sport, skateboarding, snowboarding. Therefore, perhaps in the near future people will be able to spend their leisure time flying on a hoverboard.