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Xeovo VPN review. For those who value privacy.


Virtual Private Networks or in simple words VPN is a must have for anyone who is even slightly concerned about their security and privacy in an age of mass surveillance and censorship.

Xeovo VPN is one of the early adopters of the WireGuard VPN interface on the market. The main advantages of WireGuard over other VPN solutions like OpenVPN and IPSec are ease of use and high speed. It even received praise from Linus Torvalds and was included in the Linux kernel. OpenVPN is also supported.

Xeovo is based entirely in Finland, which has a data retention law that does not apply to VPN providers. Thus, they are not required to maintain and store logs (chapter 19, section 157). Xeovo also does not track visitors to the site and does not collect logs or any other meta-data about customers. When registering, it is not necessary to enter a real e-mail address.


There are currently 10 locations available: USA, Netherlands, Latvia, Luxembourg, France, Finland, Japan, Australia, India and Singapore.


The cheapest plan is $35.88 per year, that is $2.99 ​​per month. This is more profitable than deploying your own server and maintaining it, plus you will be tied to one location.

Payment is possible with credit / debit cards, PayPal or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others) + 30 days money back guarantee.

Technical aspects

Speaking of technical details, a convenient and flexible generator of configuration files for WireGuard/OpenVPN has been implemented. Supports custom ports (53, 80, 443, 51820) and IPv6 and 5 concurrent connections. You can connect from all operating systems (Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android, Linux)


The company focuses on infrastructure (number of locations, quality and speed) and only supports Open Source solutions (WireGuard, OpenVPN), instead of wasting resources on creating and maintaining clients and applications. Xeovo is a good solution for those who want a fast and secure VPN without the hassle of setting up their own server.

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