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Belarusian hackers hacked the broadcasts of state TV channels and showed a video of the beating of protesters


Instead of the evening news, they showed beatings and detentions of peaceful protesters in Minsk.

The online broadcasts of the Belarusian state TV channels Belarus 1 and ONT were interrupted on the evening of September 26 by an attack by hackers calling themselves "Cyber ​​partisans", according to the portal.

Instead of evening news, scheduled broadcasts on channel websites featured videos from independent media and opposition Telegram channels depicting beatings and detentions of peaceful protesters in Minsk.

An interview broadcast on the website of the Belteleradiocompany by the acting Minister of Health of Belarus Dmitry Pinevich about the increase in the number of COVID-19 infections in the country was interrupted by footage of Belarusian riot police brutally detaining protesters opposed to the official results of the presidential election.

At the same time, a message appeared on the telegram channel “Cyber ​​Partisans of Belarus": “If Belteleradiocompany does not want to show people the truth, we will show it.”

The online broadcast of the state television channel ONT was also replaced by these footage. Later, the ONT channel completely turned off online broadcasting, as did the main state TV channel Belarus 1, which also became a victim of the attack. As of the morning of September 27, the channel ‘s website is still unavailable. Online broadcasting does not work on the ONT website .

Previously, the Belarusian "Cyberpartisans" have already hacked the websites of various state websites, including the website of the manager of the President of Belarus, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the "Belarusian Lotteries", and the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and they have hacked the latter several times.

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