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Effective promotion in social networks (SMM features)


Currently, one of the most effective marketing tools has become the concept of social media promotion. This is not at all surprising, since social networks provide wide access to a myriad of potential buyers. On Facebook, for example, there are about 5 million Russian users, and on the Russian VKontakte their number will soon exceed 100 million.

The modern world is arranged in such a way that hundreds of millions of people spend hours on end in social networks, so it is also beneficial for brands to shine there. For this reason, they seek out any effective brand promotion on social networks.

The best time to create groups in social networks

Effective promotion in social networks (SMM features)

It is most profitable to create a group at the beginning of the year, since by September it may become quite viable, and during the period of maximum user activity (September – late November) it can consolidate success.

How is social media promotion carried out?

In order for promotion in social networks to be very successful on your own, you need to collect as many subscribers as possible, providing them with useful and unique material. In such a situation, any user, without any coercion, will put links to the resource that interests him. Therefore, the interest shown by the target audience in the material is so valuable. People will surely want to share it with their friends.

This link mass has more weight, since it more actively influences the promotion of the site, search engines value social networks. Therefore, if links leading to a site are placed in the latter, then search engines will value it above competitors and put it in a higher position in the search results, and this is one of the main components of Internet marketing.

Video about effective promotion in social networks

Given the peculiarities of promotion in social networks, you need to take care of a sufficient supply of interesting materials:

  • non-standard commercials;
  • viral videos;
  • photo reports about secular life;
  • press releases;
  • detailed articles about the company and its offers.

Group content requirements

Every day we need unique, interesting, diverse materials.

  • The main attention should be paid to visual materials (videos or photo collections). Their content can be not only promotional and include more detailed information about the brand, but also relevant to the topic in which the company positions itself. Such a video can be found in the search available on the social network itself. It is also useful to include banners of different styles that announce great deals and promotions or open access events.

  • All new articles posted in the group must be accompanied by interesting photographs.

  • We need to focus on current discussions and be sure to support them.

  • It is necessary to use the advantages of promotion in social networks, working with open voting and polls. You can offer more unusual answers, sometimes provocative content, so that the user not only votes himself, but also views the results of public voting with interest. By the way, polls are a very convenient tool for analyzing opinions.

  • It is necessary to introduce free features on the resource. Such a technique, regardless of the subject of the site, necessarily causes a positive effect. In free access, you can post books on this topic, notify about discounts on services and goods, etc. These free "carrots" can be made even sweeter by specifying that they are temporary and limited in number. In the description of the product, it does not hurt to include reviews of users who are satisfied with this product.

  • It’s good to bring humor into the group, black humor is especially effective.

  • It is advisable to ask friends to put likes with comments on posts, which will also bring social success. SMM promotion in social networks involves discussions in the comments, thanks to which an active user backbone is formed.

How to get users interested?

It is necessary to try as much as possible so that after the first arrival in the group, the user returns there 2-3 times a week. For this you should:

  • Professionally and as attractively as possible to design the group. The avatar should be given special attention so that its design is in harmony with the main menu, and the logo does not become the main picture.
  • It is good to pick up photos, for which you can even involve a professional photographer.
  • The name of the group must be made the most memorable and capacious, so that the user among the hundreds of other groups to which he has joined, quickly finds this particular one. The name of the group is better not to change in the future.
  • Materials should be updated at least every three days. Writing news requires three criteria: readability of the text, content capacity and compact size.

Successful promotion in social networks (smm) requires the user to comment on the content of the group in the first week. You can push him to this in the following ways:

  • The user must immediately figure out where he got to and what is expected of him. The essence of the problem covered in the news should be disclosed in the first sentence. The main announcement of the topic should be formulated in a paragraph consisting of no more than 300 characters, and at the end of the news, you can insert a beautifully designed link to the photo material to the text or a more detailed version from a known source.

Effective promotion in social networks (SMM features)

  • You need to do as many polls and contests as possible. The user is impressed by the answers to simple questions within the framework of the subject of interest to him. If the survey is given some mystery and competition between visitors, then they can leave their answers in the comments and discuss the interim results of the survey with other participants.
  • If you create and constantly replenish a section with articles by a copywriter, then it will be actively commented on.

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