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What is the best antivirus for Android?


Various gadgets, including smartphones running on the Android system, have become familiar to many people. Devices created on this operating system are used at work and during leisure as fashionable organizers that simplify life.

Any operating system needs to be checked and cleaned from malicious agents. It should also be taken into account that a significant proportion of applications downloaded from Google Play and intended for Android do not pass additional checks. Therefore, Android owners are at greater risk than iOS or Windows Phone owners. This especially exacerbates the question of which antivirus is better to put on Android to prevent and remove viruses from the phone.

Dr. Web Antivirus

What is the best antivirus for Android?

When deciding which antivirus is better to install on Android, you should pay attention to this free antivirus that can reliably protect your tablet or phone. Of course, the paid version includes more complete protection and features, but even in the free version, it has something to boast about.


  • speed of scanning and finding viruses;
  • using the new Origins Tracing technology, you can instantly detect viral activity;
  • provides real-time protection of external media and cards;
  • minimally loads the system resources of the gadget;
  • economical use of traffic, which is important for those who have limited traffic;
  • gives detailed statistics of its work;
  • convenient program interface;
  • allows placing infected files in quarantine.

Mobile Security and Antivirus (ESET)

Among users of personal computers, ESET is considered one of the best antiviruses. For gadgets running on Android, there are also free and paid versions of the program, the second one has great features. ESET has a very nice interface. The paid version allows access to ESET Live Grid, where additional updates are available that provide protection against theft and the latest malware. The paid version has a set of unique features, such as SIM Guard, with which you can control your smartphone even with the SIM card removed.

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Convenient Mobile Security

Formerly called Comodo Antivirus Free, this application has some of the best features, and its applications are highly customizable. This is one of the best free Android type OS protection. It has a standard set of anti-virus components, as well as a traffic manager that allows you to evaluate the network activity of each application both on a Wi-Fi connection and on cellular networks.


  • In this utility with administrator rights, you can use the simplest firewall.
  • There is a "system optimizer" that is able to clean the RAM and cache.
  • There is also an active process manager, a task scheduler, a secure data storage and a module that blocks unwanted SMS and phone calls.
  • "Comodo Mobile Security" is capable of backing up SMS, contacts and applications to a connected memory card.

The list of additional tools also included a link to download some free application that should provide intelligent battery management, although the expediency of this “bells and whistles" seems doubtful.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

When choosing which is the best free antivirus for Android, you should pay attention to this program, which will protect your tablet or phone from viruses for free. More than a million users have already installed this new antivirus, so those who want to join can take advantage of the following benefits of AVG:

  • the antivirus scans all the settings and applications installed in the smartphone in real time;
  • privacy protection data can be deleted or blocked;
  • there is a system for monitoring battery charge, traffic and storage;
  • fast enough anti-virus program;
  • if you lose your smartphone, you can find its location on a Google map.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

What is the best antivirus for Android?

This is a fairly popular antivirus, which is also found among Windows users. This application contains many functions: anti-theft, tracking tools, blocking individual applications and sites, synchronizing the device with Google drive, blocking SMS and calls. Curiously, virus protection is the weakest link of this program, but other services are so good that this makes this antivirus the most popular.

There is a free and commercial version of Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, and the paid one has slightly improved antivirus, although it is also weaker than many of its competitors.


  • blocking applications and sites, SMS and calls;
  • high-quality anti-theft;
  • the presence of a file synchronizer and Google on the phone.


  • weakness of even the paid version of the antivirus.

Kaspersky Internet Security

One of the oldest antiviruses for traditional computers. The company has combined in this development for Android into one whole means of protection for smartphones and tablets. For those who are interested in what is the best antivirus for Android, which does an excellent job of scanning and protecting your gadget from viruses, it is best to use Kaspersky. But the rest of its additional features leave much to be desired. In the paid version, the quality is slightly higher and a number of additions appear, for example, the ability to scan the browser and individual files.

The functionality of Kaspersky is comparable to the capabilities of Avast: it can block calls and SMS, it can take a picture of the device thief, make any position from the phone book invisible (for its reverse visualization, you will need to enter a PIN code). These functions work well, but their settings are not very diverse.


  • an excellent antivirus that detects and eliminates dangers well;
  • an abundance of additional features.


  • additional functions are weaker than those of Avast;
  • inconvenience caused by antivirus notifications.

Norton Mobile Security

What is the best antivirus for Android?

Known to almost everyone, Norton antivirus is not much different from others, except perhaps for the highest price. Therefore, it is not very popular among Russian-speaking gadget users. Therefore, this is such an antivirus for Android, which is better not to use in gadgets, since its paid extended version contains only what Avast and other antiviruses have for free. However, his testing gives good results, leaving behind him the top positions of various ratings.


  • high test scores;
  • untwisted and popular brand abroad.


  • extreme limitation of the free version.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

This antivirus is also widely known among Android users, since it does an excellent job with its main task of finding and neutralizing viruses. But it does not bother developers to work with other features, since the functionality of the program lags far behind its competitors. For those who do not have secrets on their phone, Trend Micro will seem useful.


  • good work with viruses;
  • blocking phishing attacks.


  • weak functionality;
  • weak parental control.

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IKARUS Mobile Security

This program consumes little power, although it comes at the cost of low functionality. Among the brands already listed, Ikarus is the least known. It fits well into any models of smartphones and tablets, it also catches viruses quite well. The program is able to maintain a blacklist, scan websites, allows remote phone locking and data erasing.


  • good work with viruses;
  • does not overload the gadget.


  • little functionality.