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Why does my computer turn off by itself and how can I fix it?


It would seem that you were not doing anything special, just checking your mail, working with documents or playing your favorite RPG. And suddenly your computer turned off, blinking the “blue screen of death" in parting. How did it happen? What to do next? Carry the device to a service center or try to figure it out on your own? And in general, why do computers turn off by themselves?

Reason #1: Overheating

Most often, this behavior of your "digital friend" indicates problems with the cooling system. The central processor heats up to a critical value during computer operation, after which the motherboard automatically turns off the device to avoid damage to the hardware due to overheating.

Failure in the cooling system, in turn, can be caused by many factors. Malfunctions are possible due to dust that has clogged the CPU heatsink, due to damage to the cooler mount, drying out of thermal paste, etc. In the first case, the computer system unit must be blown out with compressed air, or at least just gently vacuumed. In the second and third – fix the fasteners and change the thermal paste. If you do not understand the computer device and do not know how to do this, then you better not take risks and contact a service center for help.

Reason #2: viruses

Sometimes to find out why the computer turns off by itself and a blue screen appears, a simple virus check of the device helps. Unless, of course, you managed to start the system again and "drive" all the hard drives through the antivirus program.

If, when you turn on the computer, the system boots up, and then it turns off again, you can try to enter your profile in safe mode. To do this, press the F8 key during boot. A list of possible modes will open, such as: "Load Last Known Good Configuration", "Normal Windows Boot", etc. In the list, you must select the "Safe Mode" item. If everything went well, it was possible to boot and the computer does not turn off in safe mode, we proceed to the next step – cleaning the system from malware. To do this, you can use both an already installed antivirus and powerful antivirus utilities (Dr. Web CureIt, etc.).

If you don’t have an antivirus and you can’t download it, you can try to remove the hard drive and ask your friends to help you with the check. To do this, you will simply need to connect the hard drive to a working computer and scan it using the already mentioned antivirus software.

Reason # 3: video card malfunction

“Why does the computer turn off by itself? Windows 7, shuts down while playing …, etc.” A very popular question on many thematic forums. The reason for the malfunction of the device is elementary: the video card is not able to withstand the load during the launch of "heavy" applications. There is only one way out – contact the master or change the video card yourself.

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