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How many satellites are in Earth orbit?



The only natural satellite of the Earth is the Moon. Some scientists mistakenly assign a similar status to other space objects, but over time, such theories lose their credibility. The French astronomer Petit believed that in addition to the Moon, our planet also has other satellite formations. As them, the scientist cites fireballs – meteors, characterized by high brightness, large dimensions. These bolides revolve around the planet in elliptical orbital routes. The most famous of them is the fireball, which was discovered by an astronomer in 1846. But after 5 years, a refutation of the theory of the French scientist appeared. It was put forward by Le Verrier. 

How many satellites are in Earth orbit?

Another theory about the existence of other EES was put forward by Waltemat, whose calculations claimed that there is another prototype of the Moon, rotating around the planet and making one revolution around it in 119 days. However, he did not receive a real status. 

Is there a second satellite of the Earth?

The moon is the only natural earth satellite, but many scientists distinguish quasi-satellites. This is due to the fact that the Moon is not the only satellite formation located near the planet. Various asteroids may also be in orbital space. Various media and popular science publications call such bodies second moons. However, such asteroids do not revolve around the planet, but around the Sun. One of the clearest examples of such objects is the asteroid Kruitni, which crosses the orbital routes not only of our planet, but also of Mars and Venus. 

Another group of celestial bodies has been singled out, which can be called natural earthly satellites, but they are not, called Trojans. Trojan asteroids move along the orbital route along which our planet rotates. At certain moments, they can outrun or catch up with it. Today, the presence of only 1 such asteroid is officially recorded: TK7, which is 60 degrees ahead of the planet. 

How many satellites are in Earth orbit?

Celestial satellite of the Earth

An ordinary optical illusion can suggest the existence of other satellite bodies. In certain situations, you can become an eyewitness to the phenomenon when a second false moon appears in the sky. Such an optical illusion appears only when the object emits a sufficiently bright light. A halo appears around the luminous spot. A second false object appears due to the fact that the lunar rays begin to refract in the crystalline ice formations of cirrostratus clouds. This action ensures the appearance of bright luminous objects on both sides of the Moon ball. 

This illusion quickly disappears. The false moon is called parselena and is just an ordinary play of light rays. 

Despite a zealous search for other satellite existences, all plausible theories about their presence have been refuted. All asteroids, meteors, one way or another crossing the orbital line, cannot be considered as EES. It is also impossible to give such a status to emerging optical illusions. 

This video tells about the satellites of the Earth and what will happen in orbit. 

When was the first satellite launched?

Artificial terrestrial satellite objects are called spacecraft that are put on an orbital route and rotate in a geocentric orbit. They are necessary for the elimination of applied and scientific problems, the study of near-Earth space. 

The departure of the first artificial assistant is dated October 4, 1957. It was launched on the territory of the USSR. The sent satellite gave mankind the opportunity to obtain measurement data on the density of the upper atmospheric layers, establish the reliability of the calculations made in theory, and confirm the feasibility of the main technical solutions used for the launch. The satellite also provided an opportunity to examine the characteristics of the transmission of a radio signal through the ionosphere.

The American first-born satellite was launched on February 1, 1958. After some time, other powers also launched their research vehicles:

  • France;
  • PRC;
  • Australia;
  • Great Britain;
  • Japan.

AES registration occurs only after the device makes a complete revolution around the planet, otherwise it will be registered in the registry as a rocket probe.

How many satellites are in Earth orbit?

Types, movement of artificial satellites of the Earth

AES acquires the status of active only on condition that it is equipped with radio transmitters, flash lamps that give light signals. Also, various measuring equipment should be located on it. Based on the purpose of artificial SZ, all devices are divided into applied and research. The latter type is necessary to ensure research activities aimed at celestial bodies, the globe and outer space. This group includes geodetic and geophysical devices, as well as astronomical observatories located in orbit. The applied type is formed by communication, navigation devices, as well as devices that provide meteorological land-resource, technical study. There are other satellites designed for human flight. They are called satellite ships with the possibility of piloting. When the body is located in a polar orbit, it is called – polar, if on the equator – equatorial. There are also stationary satellites, with the possibility of sending to the equatorial orbital route. Their movement coincides with the earth’s rotation, which is why they are motionless over a specific planetary point.

How many satellites are in Earth orbit?

AES movement is subject to passive and active forces. The group of passive forces includes planetary attraction, atmospheric resistance. Active forces are provided by installing a jet engine on an artificial NW.

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